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September 6, 2020



      “I AM with you.  I bring you words of encouragement, and support.  I bring you words of guidance, and direction.  I bring you light, so that you might see, with clarity, and avoid the pitfalls, and the rocks, and the debris.  I bring you, The Way, and invite you to follow.                                     


      “So many times, people come together, to create something, or to build something, and no matter how hard they try, it cannot be done.  It falls apart, disintegrates, many times, before it is even halfway complete.  It is important to know, that when you are trying to accomplish something, the foundation, that your creation is to rest upon, must be secure, it must be good, it must be strong.

      “Even when the efforts, to find peaceful resolution, are sincere, there can be failure.  Why?  It is because the foundation lacks the binding element of love.  My message, to those of Earth, was built upon the foundation of love, and this is why this message stands today.  The foundation, of all that I did say, was love.  The building blocks, the foundation, is still held together, after all of these years, because of love.  So, everything, that is put upon that foundation, comes from love. 

      “It is impossible for you to use The Gifts of The Holy Spirit without there being love in that communion.  You cannot be understanding, of another’s position, without the element of love.  You cannot hold compassion, for another person’s situation, without the element of love.  You certainly cannot forgive, another person, or yourself, without being immersed in the element of love.  Most of you are so used to hearing pieces, and parts, of My messages, that they seem simple to you, because they are familiar to you.  Love one another.  You hear that from the time that you understand the meaning of words.  Turn the other cheek.  You hear that from a young age.  Be charitable, be kind, be humble.  You hear, all of these directions, but there are distractions, which seem more interesting, a bit more complex, and they draw your attention away from the simplicity of love. 

      “When you know true love, you know respect.  You cannot love, another person, if the element of respect is missing.  And, when it is missing, there is a crack in the foundation.  You cannot love, another person, and be abusive, to that person.  It is impossible.  Love would not permit it.  Therefore, with the presence, of abuse, there is another crack in the foundation.  Make sure the foundation, of whatever your endeavor might be, is strong.  Make sure your foundation holds the element of love, because with the element of love comes all the good things.  The Gifts of The Holy Spirit spring forth from love.

       “When you are interested in peaceful resolution, before you take any steps forward, set your foundation, and make sure to incorporate the element of love, no matter what you are doing, because this will ensure success.  If everyone comes to the table, seeking agreement, and resolution, in a peaceful way, make sure that each one, who comes, can say they are bringing an element of love.  You cannot build a peaceful resolution on a foundation of hatred, or anger, or retaliation.  Hatred, anger, retaliation, do not hold the elements of love.  They do not flow with the element of respect.  Understanding, and compassion, is missing, as well.

       “If you are striving to succeed, in peaceful resolution, what is needed is the element of love, respect.  You cannot force resolution.  You can invite others to the peace table, but you cannot use force to establish peace.  You cannot use harsh criticism, or judgment, to shame others to accept a resolution.  It is so important that resolution is of peace, and love, that you have a heavenly example, ever present with you.  You know what it is.  God, The Creator of All Things, The One Who could demand, and command, anything, put first, free will.  And this gift is given to all.  It is set in place, because, when you go to God, you go of your own choice, your own free will.  And, that makes the union firm, and lasting, because the foundation is love: love, coming from The Creator, to you; and, love, returned to The Creator, by you.  There is no coercion, no force.  It is the free will choice you make within yourself.

       “When you set a course, to find peaceful resolution, let your creation rise-up from a foundation, holding the element, the binding element, of love, and you will succeed, because you cannot fail, when that, which you are doing, is built on a foundation of love.