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September 7, 2019

      Imagine there are four of you, with a destination of Louisville, Kentucky.  One of you is coming from Seattle, the other from Santa Fe, still another is coming from Panama City, and you are coming from Boston.  Even though you all rise-up, and leave about the same time of day, your journeys will not be the same, because you are coming from different locations.  Even the landscapes, you see as you pass-by, on the road to your destination, will be different.  Your directions and guidance will be different; still, you are all headed to the same location, you have the same destination.  If you can see this, if you can envision this scenario, you will have a deeper understanding of the importance of The Holy Spirit within you, a personal guide, a director, not giving you information that belongs to another, but bringing you messages specifically designed for you, for your path, for your journey, to make sure you arrive Home, you arrive at your destination, in your time, over your territory.  Listen to The Holy Spirit within you.  No matter what others are doing, listen to The Holy Spirit within you, and you will arrive at the right place, at the right time, and you will have done all the right things to reach your destination.

                                                             And The Holy Spirit says:

      Sometimes, it can be tempting to take a look at the directions you have been given, and then prompt others to change their course, to take a new path; but, before you do so, be still and listen to Me; for, I will not guide you to lead others astray.  I guide you to make your journey.  I AM within you, so that you might know The Way.  Others around you do not see Me; they do not know I AM within you.  The only way they can believe I AM with you is by your words and deeds!  They know, somewhere within you, you are receiving guidance, because you are secure and confident in The Way you are going.  That is how you show others The Way.  Those around you will see, and those close to you will begin to follow, and draw comfort from the guidance, because they are with you, and traveling in the same direction.  Give guidance and direction by living your guidance and direction!  Be still, be quiet, be confident, be courageous, and find strength in Me, as I have been sent to thee to guide you, until you arrive Home!