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September 7, 2020



      Even when it is difficult: be kind to those who are unkind; be charitable to those who are greedy; be compassionate to those who have sealed their ears; be the light to those who lack clarity.  Stand in that which you believe, quietly, reflecting that which you believe, in all you do, and say.  There is no need for you to calm the fires of your desire to follow that Whisper, within you, just because others, around you, are wandering in shadow, and darkness.  Do not forsake your path.  Do not turn your head from The Way.  I will give you strength, and courage, to move through each day.  And as you walk, it will be as a prayer amongst the lost.  And soon, the cries, and the wails, will begin to fade away; and there you will be, not needing to say anything, just being: being kind, being courteous, being charitable, being compassionate, being understanding, being forgiveness.  Being.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Sometimes, when things seem unsettled, and beyond fixing, there flows, through this particular type of situation, winds of chaos, and confusion, moving those, who once knew their way, to a place of shadow.  Do not be caught-up, and moved from your path, just because it seems that all around you are lost, and failing, and falling.  Rise-up, and pick-up the banner of light, and walk, from morning until night, and you will be shown The Way, from within you.  The light will come from within you, and the light, within you, will always show you The Way.  Do not lose heart.  Do not give up.  Let that, which you believe, grow strong, within you.  Let the light flow, from within you.  Today is the time to be.  Listen for The Whisper, within, for it is direction, coming from Me.  God did send Me to guide each of you, from within.  You do not hear My voice, speaking to another, but you hear Me, speaking to you.  And I shall forever be guiding each of you, from within, so you might be.