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September 7, 2021



      Do not continue longing for that, which is in the past.  Do not use up the hours of the day, with you, reaching toward tomorrow.  Be where you are, right now, using the wisdom of the past, and the promise of tomorrow to create the perfect day, that is with you, now.  Accept the changes that come, with the continuation of creation.  What does stay the same?  Certainly not you.  You started small, and then you grew.  The mountains, the majestic peaks, once were at the bottom of the sea.  The butterfly around you was once crawling on the ground.  There is much change to be accepted, as you move forward, through your eternal life.  Think eternity, because the present piece of eternity is where you are to be, now.

And the Holy Spirit says:

       The changing, of the seasons, is a delight to observe, reminding us, that there is change, but each change deserves its own place of importance.  The flowers, of the spring, will go to seed, the flowers, of summer, will go to seed.  The green leaves, on the trees, will observe autumn, and fall.  And then, there is winter, perhaps the quietest of them all, a time of introspection, a time of stillness, until the seeds, of last year’s spring, surface, once again, with the beauty they bring.  Accept where you are, the season that is yours, taking the wisdom of the past, as a treasure, a compass for tomorrow, yet held in today.  Do not let today slip away.  It is your present piece of eternity.