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September 8, 2019

      “I AM with you.  And, for some of you, it is easy to accept, and to believe, that I AM with you.  When you begin to understand: unity; The One; that I AM in The Father, The Creator, that you are in Me, that I AM in you; that I refer to each of you as brother and sister; that I asked the question, who is your family, who is your brother, who is your sister; you begin to understand unity, oneness. And, as this understanding begins to break into knowing, it becomes easy for you to accept that I AM with you.  It is the complex made simple.  I AM.

      “If you could see, if the scales were removed from your eyes, for just a moment, you would look and see The Kingdom of Heaven with you; but, this cannot be done right now.  Some, who have prayed and asked to see, have been given a glimpse of eternity, of life as it is created to be.  And, I tell you, Heaven and Earth shall be as one.  It is beautiful.  While you are upon the Earth, the tendency is to think of Heaven as some place far away.  Some of you even imagine it is unattainable, when all of the time it is with you: helping you; ministering to you; correcting your path; forming things to meet your free will choices, in such a way, that the outcome is far better than you could imagine.  There is so much going on around you, and you cannot see it; but, Heaven is with you.

       “There are many creatures who tunnel their way, creating corridors in their communities, deep within inner Earth.  Take for example an ant, that never sees upper Earth.  They live in the corridors of inner Earth, and there is much life there.  They do not know you exist.  They are content to spend their lifetime in the corridors of inner Earth, within their community, where they were given birth.  And, the same is true for the creators in the deep seas, the oceans.  They live their lives, their complete lives, at the bottom of the ocean: content; doing what they are meant to do; having not the slightest clue about you, and what is going-on, on upper Earth.  But what you do, can greatly impact the life of the ant in the tunnels, and the creators beneath the sea, and visa-versa.  You are connected; and, even though they do not know you exist, you are One.  What you do has an impact on them as much as it does on you.

       “And, it is the same with the heavenly realm, which exists with you.  Blessings, and grace, and gifts abundant, flow to you from The Kingdom of God.  And, what you do, for The Glory of God, the noble thoughts, the kind words, the charitable deeds you do, rise-up and move, and The Kingdom of God is aware of you and what you do.  And, if you open your heart, you become aware of the gifts that are given to you, that are sent to you from The Realm of Perfection.  It is all One: the ants, and the worms, creating life below your feet, in inner Earth; the creators who move, and raise-up the sands of the bottom of the ocean, are connected with you, and you with them, and Earth with Heaven. 

       “Pray upon this, this week.  Walk gently.  Let your thoughts be noble.  Speak with kindness.  And, let every deed you perform be majestic, and a fitting gift worthy of The Kingdom of God.”