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September 8, 2021



      Those who live, in darkness, and shadow, are like individuals, living in a building, with no windows, and no source of light.  Your eyes can become accustomed to darkness, and shadow, and you can see, somewhat, but your sight is limited.  And those obstacles, that are on the floor, all around you, are often unseen by you, when you are living in darkness, and shadow.  There are trips, and falls, and stumbles, because there is no light, to show you the way, to get from one side of the room to the other, from one floor of the building to another.  You do the best you can, but still, you cannot see what you cannot see.  And there are mishaps, all along the way.  If you feel you are living in darkness, and shadow, be it great, or small, I reach-out My hand to you, and say, come, follow Me, into the light, of a new day.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Those who live in the light can see clearly, the barriers, and obstacles, that are scattered around them, or set before them.  And in the light, it is possible to move around, without stumbling, or falling, in any way, because with the light you see, what is set before you, and you know to avoid it, or go around it, or step over it, but you do not get caught-up in it.  There are less mishaps, when you live, in the light.  Turn on all the lights, within you.  Shine your light, brightly.  Step over every obstacle, and challenge, and go on your way.  Continue to live, your life, in the light.  Avoid darkness, and shadow.  And if there is temptation into it, reject it, outright.  Turn around, and return, fully, to the light.