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September 9, 2020



      I wish for you to know how to face a busy day with quiet determination, turning away from any temptation to be agitated, or irritated, or pressed, or hurried.  Walk into a busy day with quiet determination within you.  When there is a lot to do, when your plate seems filled to overflowing, do not begin rushing, and going here, and there, for the thought, of all that you have to do, is enough to make you weary, and tired, before you begin doing what you have to do.  Instead, rise-up, and with quiet determination, take one thing at a time, just one thing at a time, and move through it, filled with this quiet determination to do it.  And repeat this through the day, until what has been set before you is accomplished.  If you set a course to be quiet, and determined, to do what is yours to do, you take away that bit of anxiety, agitation, irritation.  And that, in reality, is what tires you.  It is what makes you weary.  It is what overwhelms you.  The environment, in which you are accomplishing what you are meant to do, is vital.  Create an environment of quiet determination, and move, at a slower pace.  Breathe deeply, at a slower pace, and then rise-up, and face one thing at a time with quiet determination.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Much energy is expended in anxiety, in playing over and over in your head, in your thoughts: that there is so much to do that it will never be done; that you plate is so full, it flows over, and down; that you are overwhelmed with work, and no rest in sight.  This is energy expended, unnecessarily.  Do not permit your thoughts to go there.  Rise-up in celebration that you have the opportunity to do what is front of you to do.  And then, slow your pace, and make it slower, the more you have to do.  Use your energy to accomplish what is set before you, rather than worrying about what is set before you.  Today, begin the day, no matter how much there is to do, in quiet determination.


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