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September 9, 2021



      When it is your intention, to hike through a valley, so that you might reach the base of a mountain, that has caught your attention, you do not lose sight of the mountain.  As you hike through the valley, you keep the mountain in sight.  And the mountain does not diminish, as you grow nearer to it.  It seems to grow larger, and larger, until you stand at the base, and you look up, at this majestic mountain, rising-up to the sky, and you put your hands on it, and you feel it, and you know you have reached your destination.  That, which had captured your imagination, and your thought, that, which had called you, all The Way across the valley, was yours.  You made it to the base of the mountain.  I AM The Mountain.  You are the traveler upon the Earth.  Do not wander around the valley, getting turned around, or going off in the wrong direction.  As you make your way, through the valley, keep your eye upon Me; and you will reach the base; and you will climb The Mountain; and you will rest in My arms; and we will see, all that I wish to show thee, together.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       When something catches your attention, it is for a reason.  You are being called, in that direction.  Check to make sure it is the direction of light.  Do not follow your focus into shadow and darkness.  Make sure it is of the light, and then continue to keep your focus, on that, which is drawing you, into a new day.  It is a spiritual journey, with signs all along The Way.  But to master the course, you must learn to see the signs, and read the signs, so you might know The Way, so you might make your way, through the valleys of Earth, and reach The Mountain of God.