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Sunday Sermon, March 3, 2019

Sunday Sermons
March 3, 2019
For The
Glory Of God


          “I AM with you, and today I celebrate that I AM with you!  Talk to Me, I AM here.  When you are tempted to speak ill of others, speak to Me, and I will show you how to override the temptation, so that you might bless every person, in your thoughts, as well as your words; for, it is possible to do.  It requires faith, and remembering, that I AM, with you!

“Today I speak briefly to remind you, of two things, so that you go into a new week reinforced, reinforced with the wisdom of God.

“Reject ‘judgment,’ of others, and yourself, outright!  When you make a judgment that someone is fast or is slow, that someone is smart or not so smart, when you make a judgment of any kind on another, that judgment sticks!  Refuse to judge others!  And refuse to judge yourself!  Move into a more positive way, of living your life upon the Earth.  Look at what is around you, and sing of the glory of creation.  Do not waste your time judging others.  Leave ~ all judgment ~ to God!

“Refuse to ‘react,’ to any situation or person.  Refuse to react to any negative conversation or actions.  Refuse to react; for, when you react to what another is doing, you are magnifying their action, you are magnifying their creation.  Make a creation of you own, do not give your power to someone else’s creation.  Refuse to react!  Let the love of God move into you, and let your actions be ‘of God.’  Let your actions confirm the glory of God, the light of God, the love of God; and let all (of) the people of Earth see the glory of God in you.

“If I go on, and on, giving you more words to think about, and ponder, then I might water-down what has just been said.  Therefore, I will stop.  Refuse to judge others!  Refuse to judge yourself!  Refuse to react to others!  Choose to act in the light, and the love, and for the glory of God!”