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April 10, 2023


      Oh, see the sky above, filled with clouds of white, playing around the sun.  Oh, see the glory of that, which I have given unto thee.  There is no place where you can roam, where you will not find Me.  See the birds of the air, with grace flying, free.  See the animals of the Earth move, and live, while knowing they belong to Me.  I AM their Creator, and I AM your Parent, eternal as I will always be, I can assure you, that in eternity, you will always be with Me.  I love you, as no other.  This I say to each of thee.  Oh, look, and see.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Do not bother yourself about petty differences, or misunderstandings, arguments, or any such things.  Stop, for just one day, and listen to Me.  For, I will whisper, and you will hear.  Each of you shall hear, and know I abide, in thee.