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Our Story

We are Michael and Cecilia, Founders and Operators at The Quiet Place. We were working in Columbia, South Carolina, when the subtle stirrings within began. The gentle urging would not be ignored, could not be ignored, and the awakening continued, rearranging, and adjusting, as remembering blossomed into knowing.

Michael & Cecilia

Still, it was not until a vivid, potent dream vision that we surrendered to God’s Divine Plan completely, and released our grip on worldly things to take the hand of the Holy Spirit. In releasing, fear gave way to faith; doubt gave way to trust; and the journey continued, leading us away from the city into the high mountains.

In 2004, we were led to establish The Quiet Place as a sanctuary for the children of God, a place of peace, a place where the door is always open, a place of retreat for contemplative prayer and meditation. It is our gift to all of God’s children. It is our gift to God.

The Quiet Place is a place to set yourself aside and rest, a place where your spiritual gifts will be magnified, resurrected from the shadows, to shine in The Light. All you have to do is be willing to be still and make the sacred journey within, to the core of your being, to sit with God.

We created The Quiet Place to be a retreat for individuals and couples seeking peace. It is waiting for you. It is waiting to welcome you, to restore and replenish you and your gifts, and it is our honor to serve you and take care of you while you rekindle the spark, ignite the flame, and continue your sacred journey…into eternity.

We hope you enjoy your visits to this Quiet Place and return often. We pray you be held in the arms of Spirit and touched with the gifts of light and love.

Peace to each of you from the mountaintops of North Carolina,

Michael and Cecilia Gallery

On June 12, 2021, Michael Joseph Gallery completed his Earth journey and returned Home. It is in his memory that The Quiet Place will continue and grow. Well done, faithful son. See the video below to join us in his Celebration of Life Ceremony.

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