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      If you give harbor to spirits, creating the energies of hatred, and anger, you cannot love, fully, completely, for those spirits, and energies, of shadow and darkness, diminish the capability to love.  They diminish the energy of love.  Begin to forgive.  Within yourself, do the work necessary to forgive.  Do not carry anger, or hatred, with you, because it spoils everything you do.  Even the loving things, you attempt to do, are tainted with this anger, and hatred.  Once you begin to rid yourself of anger and hatred, and focus on the love, then the love grows, and grows.  And, with intention, and purpose, you push-out, you cast-out all agents, and energies, of anger, and hatred.  And, once it is complete, there is The Light of Love, within you.  And that is the time when you can love, fully.  And you will be surprised, at your capacity to love, because you took the opportunity to rise-up, you took the opportunity to commit yourself to cast from you anger, and hatred.  And, in that environment, in that intention, the energy of love grows.  There is no limit to how powerful, the love, within you, can be.  You hold the key.  Clean yourself, and clear yourself, of anger, and hatred, and you will be The Light of Love.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       There is none more powerful than the energy of love.  However, if you turn your back, upon the energy of love, and focus on anger, and hatred, that is what will grow, within you.  You are making a choice.  Every time you choose anger, every time you choose hate, you are making a choice.  You are choosing darkness, and shadow, over The Light of Love.  Pay attention, to what you are doing, so this habit of getting angry, or giving harbor to hate, will not become more entrenched, within you.  See that, when you choose to use these energies, you are turning your back on The Light of God’s Love.  And, in this way, it is diminished, for you.  Today, sweep away the debris of anger, and hatred, and turn, and walk into The Light of God.  The Light of God’s Love is waiting, for you.




      Today, you have the opportunity to, change the world, for at least one, and more than likely, more than one.  Every encounter, you have with another person, is an opportunity, to deliver gifts.  Think upon that.  Rather than just ignoring this opportunity, put it into action.  When you greet another person today, bless them, with a smile, with a kind word, with an open heart, with love.  That one encounter, that you have, might be the only encounter, they have, with light and love.  And if you are willing to do this, they will be blessed, but so too shall you be blessed, because it is impossible to permit My Love to flow through you to another, without you being blessed, with My Love, as well.  It is time to change the world.  Let the change come from you.  And even if it is only one other person, you touch today, let them be touched, with My Light, so they feel My Glory, and know My Peace, through you.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Resist the temptation to be the bringer of darkness and shadow to another individual.  Do not greet another person in a way that introduces them to darkness and shadow, through you.  Today, you have the opportunity to change the world, for one person, at a time. What world will you show them?  Will it be darkness and shadow?  Or will it be light and kindness?  No matter what another individual is doing, or saying, you make the ultimate decision, on what you do, and what you say.  Today, embrace the opportunity to change the world, one person, at a time.  And your world will change, as well because you have delivered gifts, you have been kind.



      When it seems as if everything is crashing down around you, things are falling apart at the seams, resist the temptation to be upset, or angry, or run away.  Take a look at what is crashing down around you.  What is it saying?  What is the meaning?  Perhaps, rather than being upset, it would be good to look, and see, and know, that it is time for some things to go, and some to stay.  Pick through the debris.  Find those pearls that are meant to stay with thee.  And then clean up the mess.  Sweep it away, and begin again, in a lighter way.  Sometimes, what seems to be an accident, beyond your imagination, is really a seed for you to grow your imagination, into something new, and let go of all that has been weighing on you.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Sometimes, you reach a place, a place of examination.  It is time to take count of what is with you.  What are you holding onto?  What are you carrying with you?  What have you got, tucked, and packed, into corners, and drawers, that is really no longer serving you?  When you reach this point of examination, open, and be willing to change, so that, that which is with you, is of service to you, in every way.  Do not weigh yourself down.  Lighten the load.  Pay attention.  Free yourself from the debris, and your gait will be quicker, and lighter, and smoother, and you will continue, on your way.




      There are spirits, and energies, which you notice immediately, as being of darkness and shadow.  And these things you notice immediately, such as hatred, when you are vigilant, you cast them from you, you renounce them, immediately.  You shake them off of you.  You free yourself, of the darkness and shadow.  But there are other energies that are not quite as noticeably shadow and darkness.  And they can sneak into your thoughts, your words, and your deeds, and taint your inner chamber, leaving all manner of debris, and one such energy is doubt.  You might wake up one morning, feeling you can do, whatever you must do that day, and do it well, do a good job.  But somehow, between the hours of eight in the morning, and nine in the morning, this insidious energy of doubt begins to devore all of the energies, which were lifting you up, and preparing you to succeed.  And as the doubt multiplies, you begin to wonder, why you even thought, you could do it, at all.  This doubt is just as threatening, to your life on Earth experience, as the stronger, more recognizable, energies, and spirits, of anger, or hatred, those spirits tempting you to do vile things, because you see them, and know them, for what they are.  And most, who are vigilant, cast them from them.  But this doubt is often confirmed by individuals around you.  And soon you are eating from the bowl of doubt, and the flame, of your desire to accomplish the goal, flickers, and goes out.  Today, make it a point to rid yourself of doubt.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       If not quickly cast from you, the spirits, and energies, of doubt, will rob you of The Glory of God, shining within you.  It will whisper, you cannot do what you think you can do.  And, if not addressed immediately, it is never done, that desire within you, that fulfillment within you.  Cast from you, and renounce, all agents of doubt.



      The temptation to speak ill, of another person, can be difficult, challenging, to resist.  And the result, of falling into that temptation, is grand in scope.  It is so powerful, that I cannot remind you too many times, to resist this temptation.  And one of the reasons, to resist this temptation, is this.  Every time, you speak, of another person, in a derogatory way, putting down, that which they say, or do, which you find offensive, in any way, you are adding power to what you cry-out, calling bad, or evil.  You are actually giving it power, because that is your focus, in this confirmation.  You are saying what it is to you, and by saying, what it is to you, you are confirming the energy, created by another.  And in another way, you are not only making it larger, and more powerful, by speaking of it, that, which the other person is creating, but you are also cursing the person, creating that energy.  You are making it more difficult for them to change their perspective, somewhat.  Because, here again, you are confirming, what you believe they are, what you believe they are saying, what you believe they are doing.  And by focusing your attention on that, in this derogatory way, you are making more powerful the things they do, and the things they say.  Resist this temptation.  When you are tempted, just quietly say, in your thoughts, “I bless them,” and let it be.  Let the focus be you and Me, and I will guide you.  Resist the temptation to speak ill of another person.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Pay attention to how people speak, all around you.  Pay attention to it.  And resist the temptation to join a person, or a group of people, who claim their cause is noble, yet freely curse other people, around them, by denigrating them, by mocking them, by cursing them.  You can do so much good, but do not stand, or walk, over other people, trying to reach the goal.  Because then, the noble cause is tainted, with darkness and shadow.  Do not speak ill of another person.  Keep your goal high, pure, free of any debris of darkness and shadow.  You can support your noble cause without denigrating other people.  Do it this way, and then it is pure, it is of The Light of God.  And do it all for The Glory of God.



      “I AM with you.  We have another day.  You are upon the Earth, and you have the opportunity to accomplish something, today, for The Light, and The Glory, of God.  So, do not let this opportunity slip away.  I AM with you.  I will encourage you.  You will know where to go, and you will know the words to say, if you stay with Me, today.  Be at peace about this day, quietly say, ‘I will do good, today.’  And, let it remain that way.  Come, let us walk and talk, together.  Let us create this new day.           


      “As we walk, and talk, together, your focus, then, draws toward Me, as I AM focusing upon thee.  And, in that state, it is easy to be of Light, and do good.  There is no temptation to speak ill of others because, I would never tempt you, into darkness and shadow.  When we think of others, we bless them, and say, ‘Be at peace,’ ‘God be with you,’ blessing, not cursing.  The temptation, to speak ill of others, or what others might be doing, or saying, is a serious threat to you, to those of whom you are speaking.  You cannot speak ill of another, without tainting yourself.  You cannot speak ill of another, or what they are doing, or saying, without giving more power to what they are creating, because that is what you are focusing on.  And you cannot speak ill of another person, or others, without confirming what they are creating.  And while this might be difficult to accept, it is true.

      “If you continue to say that another person is bad, or evil, or wicked, or meanspirited, that makes those states, within them, grow.  They are more powerfully mean, or wicked, or evil, or meanspirited, because you are making it so.  But, if you resist this temptation, to speak ill of another person, or others, you are not adding to the power of their thoughts, or their words, or deeds.  And you can take it another step further, by blessing that person, or wishing them peace, quietly, when you think of that name.  Then, you are countering what they are thinking, saying, or doing, in a spiritually, energetic way.

      “Where your thoughts, words, and deeds, focus, is where your creative, energy goes to power that, which you are focusing upon.  It is simple, when you look and see, that, if you have a garden, of flowers, one on the right side of the sidewalk, and one on the left side of the sidewalk, you will notice, that where you focus your attention, that garden, that gets your attention, is more bountiful, and beautiful, and probably free of weeds.  The garden which does not receive your attention gets choked-out by the weeds, and it is less than bountiful, and less than beautiful.  Where you focus, goes the creative power.

      “Your spiritual energy can be used to counter darkness and shadow, by what you are thinking.  When you have a noble goal, do not taint it, by putting down other people.  Let your noble goal rise above gossip, and speaking ill of another, because when your goal, seems to be accomplished, by putting others down, it is wearing the robe, that you have wrapped around it: the robe of gossip, the robe of belittling, the robe of mocking.  Your noble goal is tainted because, that, which you created, was of darkness and shadow.  Let your noble goal remain noble, and pure, by creating it thus.  It is not necessary to put another down, for you to rise.  Rise, and be at peace, and wish all others, blessings of peace.  When you do this, you are countering their thoughts, words, and deeds, but you are doing it, using The Wisdom of Heaven, learning The Ways of God.”




      When you must cross over rocky terrain, hold your faith close to you.  Hold onto your faith, and it will be as a carpet, beneath your feet, protecting you, leading you, over the rocky terrain, and on your way.  When you must pass through troubled times, hold onto your faith, and it will be your support, and you will pass through the troubled times and be on your way.  When you stand atop a mountain peak, looking down, needing to cross over, to the other side, hold onto your faith, and it will be as a bridge, leading you, from one peak to another, showing you The Way.  When storms threaten, to inundate you, hold onto your faith, and the storms will calm, and you will continue, on your way.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       You have a treasure, within you.  It is faith.  And while all things might be taken from you, you cannot be robbed, or cheated, of your faith.  It is a treasure.  It will carry you through all difficult situations, and stay with you, and guide you, until the sun is shining, and the birds are singing, once more.  Do not ignore the gift of faith, which is yours, forevermore.