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      There are those amongst you who are whole, even if they cannot walk, or talk, or see.  They are whole and complete, because they hold truth within them, and they have joy within them, and they are happy, as they live their life upon Earth.  There are those amongst you who, through some circumstance, find it difficult to walk, or speak, or see.  But, they turn their head from the truth, and will not walk, or talk, or see.  Pay attention to the truth, for the truth has been sent to you.  The Holy Spirit is within you.  Do not listen to naysayers.  When The Holy Spirit says, “Fly,” you shall fly instead of walk.

                                                         And The Holy Spirit says:

       I was sent to you so that you might know the truth, and the ways of wisdom be yours.  Therefore, I will guide you, through all things.  No matter what the world says to you, or what the conditions might bring to you, I will lead you through, but you must believe.




      “I AM with you.  Let there be joy in your heart.  I AM with you.  And for those of you who believe I AM with you, there is a spring in your step, a song upon your lips, laughter comes quick to your ways, joy fills the air around you, because you believe I AM with you, therefore you are never alone.  You always know The Way, and knowing this brings you confidence and peace, no matter what is happening around you.  And, because you live in this way you inspire others around you to do so, as well.                                              


       “What you believe will be.  What you trust is the truth will be your truth; for, when I called to Peter to come out of the boat and join Me, he was so happy to hear My voice that he rose-up, got out of the boat, and began to walk on water toward Me, until ego’s tool of doubt pushed him down, and under.  And, even though he had already stepped out onto the water, and it was possible to do, doubt told him no, therefore he could no longer do.  Doubt removed the belief and the truth and left him sinking in a sea of water.  This is what happens every day.  What you believe you can do, you will do.  It might take practice and effort from you, but still you will do it, because you believe you can do it.  When God calls you to do something, if you believe God is calling you to do that something, no matter what the cost to you personally, you will do it, because you believe God is asking you to do it.

       “I want to tell you a story, and while you think, when you hear the story, it might not apply to you, I assure each of you, hearing these words, or reading these words, it does apply to you.  There was a construction site, and many people working on the construction site, and one of the buildings began to crumble, and steel, and stone, and nails fell and crushed the bones, the backs, and the legs of three men caught under the rubble.  They were pulled-out and taken to a hospital.  Each of the men had the exact, same injuries to the back and the legs, and it appeared to those professionals around them that not one of these men would walk again.  And so, the doctors, and the nurses, and the hospital staff began doing what they could do until the time of release, to send them home.  Now, one man began to cry, and believe he would never walk again, that was his fate.  Another began to question whether he would ever walk again.  And the third man asked if there was anyone else who could take a look and see what could be done.  He was told there was a specialist, a doctor who could work miracles, and heal those who others said could not be healed.  And, this third man asked if that doctor could be call, and so the doctor came, the doctor who could work miracles when others said, ‘No it is not possible’. 

       “The doctor went to each of the rooms, three rooms, three men, and said the same thing, ‘I am telling you the truth.  I have looked at your records, I have seen the x-rays.  I know you can walk, but you must believe in me, and you must practice through the pain, work through the exercise, and stay focused on the goal.’  Three men, three different endings, because…  One man could not get through all of the voices he heard saying, ‘You will never walk again,’ and so he did not try, because his truth was gathered from those who said he would not walk.  Therefore, he believed he could not walk, and he did not walk.  The second man wanted to believe, and he tried, and he worked through the pain, and he hoped he could walk one day, but he struggled with believing that it was true.  Sometime later, he could limp, with the help of a cane.  He made his way through the days bent over, hobbling from place to place.  But, the third man would not believe those who said he could not do it when the doctor who could work miracles said it was possible.  So, he reached-out and held the truth, and believed the truth, and worked through the pain every day.  A year later, he was walking down a street.  He went to visit the man who was in the wheelchair, and he carried the groceries for the man with the cane. 

      “What you believe is possible, is possible.  When the truth is given to you, embrace it, and work through no matter what pain you must work through.  The Doctor who can do all things is within you.  The Holy Spirit has been sent to each of you, and will show you The Way, even in the darkness, even through the pain.  But, even with this miracle Doctor within you, you must do the work.  You must believe beyond hope.  You must believe, and you must be willing to work through the pain, then you too will rise-up, and be whole once again.”






      Remember, you are of Me.  I AM spirit.  You are spirit, first.  And, while you are upon the Earth, there is a temptation to believe that the body that moves you, your spirit, from place to place, is who you are.  Today, resist the temptation to check your reflection in mirrors, or windows, or bodies of water.  Be mindful of even looking at your hands.  Address who you are today, you are spirit, and feel yourself move over the Earth, because your spirit is there for a reason, for a purpose, and to accomplish this purpose, you have donned the body of Earth, so that you might pick-up, and move, and walk, and speak, and hear.  But, do not mistake the glove for the hand, do not mistake the shoe which covers the foot.  To know your true purpose, you must first identify with who are, you are spirit, and then you will begin to know, and once you know, you will begin to do, and once you do you will remember, and identify with, the eternal you, for you are My child.

                                                           And The Holy Spirit says:

       When you have a child, and it begins to grow, you realize that, that infant you held in your arms is now walking.  And once your arms open to receive the hugs and the kisses of the child that is walking, the process has already begun for the child to grow more and begin walking away.  And, before you turn around that child has reached maturity, and the aging body no longer represents, or looks like, the infant you held in your hand, in your arms, in your heart.  But, through all these physical changes the child is your child.  Think on that, today.





      Your body is the vessel for your spirit and your soul.  Your body is the garment of Earth which doth hold the sacred spirit and sacred soul.  Do not permit this garment of Earth to cover the nobility, to hide the holiness, to obstruct the glory of God from shining through what you think, and say, and do.  Connect every day and begin to know your spirit and your soul better than you know the body which doth hold them.  Your body is meant to act as the hands, and the feet, and the ears, and the eyes so that you might move over the Earth to accomplish the goals of the spirit and the soul.  Do not get them confused.  Begin to know the real you, the spirit that is you.

                                                          And The Holy Spirit says:

       It is easy to believe that you are the reflection in the mirror that you see every day, many times a day, but that is not you.  That is the garment of Earth wrapped around the eternal you; and, the eternal you has something to do upon the Earth.  Do not allow the body to hinder the spirit and the soul from accomplishing this heavenly goal and bringing Heaven onto the Earth.




      You have all you need to live upon the Earth, for even the trees and the plants support your life upon the Earth.  The trees live therefore, you breathe, you live.  You have been given all you need, but so that you are a partner with Me, connected with Me, continuing creation with Me: you must go to the river to catch the fish; you must pour the water in the glass so you might drink; you must approach the banquet table, and be seated, before you can be served.  You take part every day in the continuation of My creation.  It is so, so that you might live your part of creation.  You join Mother Earth in her creation, for she continues My creation, as well.  She provides seeds for you to sow, and plants for you to set-out in the garden.  Some are for beauty and fragrance, and some sustain your life.  Food for life.  You are My child, and you are a co-creator.  And, while you are upon the Earth, you sustain creation through all you do.  You have everything you need.

                                                      And The Holy Spirit says:

       If you have ever been on a team, people pulling together, and working together, you understand the importance of teamwork, carrying something forward, with everyone doing their part.  Perhaps you have even felt a bit left-out when the others were doing their part, and you were left with nothing to do.  You longed to be a part of the team, working together.  You are a part of the team, sustaining and continuing creation.  You are a co-creator with God.  Look around you, see all that is available for you, and take care of that which has been given to you.  Today, love one another, and be kind to all creation.




      Today, begin to alter the way you perceive those around you, and the world in general.  Today, I wish to share with you one of the ways of those who walk in wisdom.  Whatever another says to you today, push your ego aside, and welcome what they are revealing to you.  Even though it might not match what you see or what you would do, even though it might smack of anger or hatred, even though it might carry energies of confrontation, listen to what another is revealing to you.  Do not get caught-up in their revenge, or their retaliation, or their anger, or even guilt.  Stand in a receiving place, and listen to what they are saying, without responding in kind, for it is in this way that you know the hearts of those around you.  What are they revealing to you?  What are they saying to you?  What are they doing?  When you accept what they are saying to you, you know them.  You know how to speak with them.  You know how I can love them through you.  You know how to pray, and you know what to do.  Listen as I listen to you.  Be still as I AM when I AM listening to you.  If you do this, your life will be peaceful, and you will be filled with wisdom, because you will know the heart of those around you, so they will be comfortable speaking their heart around you.  Eventually, there will be no confrontation at all, because each of those around you are comfortable and confident that you will hear their heart, and they will be at peace knowing this.

                                                           And The Holy Spirit says:

       Therefore, let it be.



      The world can be a surprising place.  Just when you believe you have everything set, all is organized, something happens, which is a surprise.  The world holds love and also hate.  It holds peace and chaos.  Before you walk through the door into a new day, I reach-out, and ask you to come and sit with Me, for a while, and let Me touch you with My love for you, and let us sing, let us be joyful, let us smile upon the day that is coming your way.  Once we meet, and touch, and grow together, you are ready to walk through the door into the new day, prepared in every way, because I AM with you.

                                                          And The Holy Spirit says:

       There are days when you will jump out of your bed, ready for whatever lies ahead; and, there are days when you pull the covers around your head not excited, but facing the day with dread of what you believe will come to you.  No matter what state you find you are experiencing, connect with God, before you get out of bed, and your day will be different.  Instead of dread you will be prepared for whatever you must face, and each challenge will fall as you face the new day in the hands of God.