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      When you sit quietly, alone, away from all of the noise, of the world created by man, you hear the movement of the leaves, you hear the flutter of the butterfly’s wings, you hear the songs, and the words, of the babbling brook.  And then, when you are still, remaining in quiet, and silence slips around you, you begin to hear the entire universe, speaking to you.  This symphony of sounds, held in silence, is known by few, but available, to each one of you.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Take some time, today, and take yourself away.  Find a spot, a place, that you can designate as your own.  Even if it is only for a few minutes, that sacred sanctuary will wrap you, in silence, and you will hear the universe, speaking to you, and you will know, God is with you, and you will come to the realization that I AM within you.  Seek The Sanctuary of Silence, today.




      I wish for you to know The Way of Peace.  And it begins with forgiveness, being willing to forgive others, and yourself, for all transgressions, so you are free of them.  It continues with refusing to judge others.  Once you are free, once you have forgiven fully, once you are free, once you no longer judge, you are at peace.  You breathe, deeper.  You breathe, slowly.  You breathe, with intention, and purpose.  You breathe.  You breathe, knowing what you are doing.  You are freeing yourself, in forgiveness.  You are freeing yourself, every time you refuse to judge another, or yourself.  And this freedom, which has its roots in forgiving, and in not judging, establishes, within you, a sanctuary of peace.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       To walk in peace means you are less likely to be attacked by stress, to be made ill by stress, to be agitated, and irritate, by stress.  The road to peace, The Ways of Peace, free you.  You are happier.  You are whole.  And most often, you are healed.  This all comes about, from your willingness to forgive, from your intention not to judge others.  And it extends to yourself, as well.  Forgive yourself, do not judge yourself.  It is important, for you, to remember, judgment is not yours.  It has not been given to you to judge.  Therefore, be quick to forgive, refuse to judge, and enjoy your time upon Earth, living The Ways of Peace.




      When you are out in nature, walking across a meadow, paddling in a river, standing on a mountain, or even playing, in the ocean, it is easy for you: to look-up, at the great expanse, of the sky, above you; to look-out, at rolling hills, spread below you; to watch the waves, as they crash upon the beach; to delight, in the brilliant sun, and the tender moon.  Each one, the great and small, the deep and wide, the delicate and powerful, brings you to a state of wonder and awe, observing the glory of it all.  One day, as you struggle to find words to describe the wonder, all around you, remember this.  I see all this wonder in you.  This is how I see you!  I see you as majestic as the mountain, as playful as the dancing waves, as abiding as the gentle rivers, as brimming with life as endless meadows.  I see the glory of you, as you see the glory, in the sunrise and the sunset.  I see the delicate, sweetness of you, as you cradle, the tender wildflower, in the palm of your hand.  All this, I see, in you. 

And The Holy Spirit says:

       When you stand in wonder and awe, of all of God’s great creation, around you, remember, how you see the glory, is how God sees the glory in you.  The Glory of God is within you.





      I wish for you to try something new.  It is normal to speak of accomplishments, success, to celebrate all that you have done.  But there is less talk, about the journey to success.  The pathway to accomplishment is created by missteps, falls, and times when you felt alone.  Share the story of your adventures, along the path, to success.  Speak, eagerly, about the times you slipped, stumbled, or misspoke.  Speak, with enthusiasm, about the times you rose-up, dusted yourself off, and whistled a tune, when no one walked with you.  And then, as a redemptive ending, to the story told, talk about the quiet times, the going within, the seeking, and the finding, of treasure, more valuable than gold.  Speak of how I answered your prayer, in a whisper, just for you.  Speak of the example, Jesus set for you, so humble in its being, so noble in its truth.  Speak of being lifted-up, upon The Wings of The Holy Spirit, soaring over troubled waters, on The Way to success.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Success does not look the same for everyone.  Each of you are meant to accomplish something, and that something could have a different name, for each of you.  So, the final success, the final accomplishment, might not be a match for everyone, might not be helpful.  But what is helpful, for everyone, is the story, of the journey, to the success.  Share yours, because the path to success, the trials, and challenges, along The Way, are similar, no matter what the ultimate success might be.  Each one can learn from what the other has overcome, along the path to success.  So, speak of the times when you were down, and that prayer to God was answered, and you found a way.  Speak of the times you felt rejected, and Jesus said, “Come, I will show you The Way.”  Speak of the times, when you were so tired, and weary.  Talk about your conversations with Me.  Talk about your spiritual journey, and many will listen, because they too are stumbling along The Way.  The story, of your spiritual journey, could be the impetus, the flicker for the flame, the encouragement needed, for each one listening, to be able to say, “I see The Light.  I know The Way.”






      If you ever find yourself, on a ledge, outside of a building, which is very tall, no matter what the situation might be, pay heed, as you escape through one window, attempting to reach safety, through another window.  Do not look down.  Do not look up.  Do not look around.  Keep your eyes focused, on the goal, and inch toward the window, through which you will find sanctuary.  Do not run.  Do not hurry, lest you stumble, and fall.  Move slowly, leaning against the wall, of the very tall building.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Sometimes, during the course of your lifetime, upon Earth, you will feel as if you have been pushed out of a window, forced onto a ledge.  And, while these times can be unsettling, at best, there is always sanctuary.  Inch your way along the ledge, no matter how narrow it might be, and make your way to safety, one step at a time.




      “I AM with you.  No matter where you find yourself, today, I AM with you, closer than a thought.  I AM with you, never far away.  Have faith, and believe this, so you are assured that you do not wander alone.  I AM with you.                                                       


      “There are times in your life, as you live upon the Earth, which seem extraordinary, in many ways.  Sometimes, the extraordinary is a pleasing experience.  But other times, these extraordinary occurrences are challenging, and trying, and push you to the limit, of what you believe you can endure.  And it is in these times, of endurance, that it is important to stay focused, much as a man on a ledge, of a very tall building. 

      “Let us say, a fire has erupted, in one apartment, and it is ablaze, and he escapes the fire, through a window; but finds himself, perched on a ledge, high above the cars, moving on the streets, and the people, walking on the sidewalks, below.  There comes the temptation to look down, to look up, to look around.  And even the thought of this stirs his stomach, his feet tingle with uncertainty.  He is safe from the fire, for a while, but now he finds himself in a precarious situation. 

      “Now, your precarious situation might not be as dangerous as the ledge of a very tall building.  But no matter, what the situation, the direction, is still the same.  Number one, call, My name.  Call the name of God.  Call for guidance, from The Holy Spirit.  Do not let this escape you, for We are with you.  Do not look out, or down, or up, into the world created by man, but hold yourself straight, and tall, and know that you are in The Hand of God.  Do not run, lest you fall.  Inch to safety, holding to the wall, of faith, and trust, believing, that if you stay focused, on the goal, you will make it through.

      “You will walk the ledge to safety.  You will swim the river to safety.  You will cross the desert to safety.  You will make it through, as long as you know, We are with you, and you will not fail.  But do not be distracted, from The Voice of God.  Set your course.  Do not run.  Slowly walk toward the goal, and the safety of the window, just ahead, and you will make it through.  And your precarious situation, will then be reduced to a story, that you tell others, a story, in which you encourage others to know, God is with you, all The Way through.”





      It is important for you to understand, the important role you play in, the unfolding of the eternal present, with you.  Millions, and millions, of you, form a body, which has been given free will.  If you pause, to consider the power, of millions, and millions, of individuals, using their free will, you will soon see the importance of each identity, each piece of the human race.  To help you navigate, this sea of free will choices, made by billions, and billions, of people, you have, within you, The Holy Spirit, which I sent unto you.  And, when these seas, of free will choice, become turbulent, go within, and be still, and you will receive direction, on how to navigate, your way, across the sea, without being dumped into the sea.  So, you see, it is possible to give the gift of free will, but also give the gift of how you can navigate through the free will choices, made by others.  Pause, before you blame what happens on the choices of others, what you consider to be the trespassing of others, what you consider to be the lies and the deceit of others.  Pause, before you think that I have caused the turbulent seas.  Do not waste time on any of these excuses.  Go within.  Gather your guidance from The Spirit, The Holy Spirit, within you, and set your course, without fear.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Today, come with Me, and we will see, how you can master, the present piece of eternity, with you, making your way through any chaos and confusion, because I will guide you.  I was sent to guide each of you, from within.  No one around you knows what I AM telling you, how I AM guiding you.  The only way they know is to see you in action, to see you take the guidance given, and use it.  For it will work.  The seas will part, or the seas will calm.  The mountains will divide themselves, and create a road, for you to pass through.  All things are possible, if you follow that which I tell you, for I was sent to guide you, from within.