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            Create a day of rest, often; and, make the day, of rest, just as important, as a day of work, or a day of play.  Make no plans, for the day of rest, other than sitting, quietly, walking down a path, silently, being, just being.  Do not cast judgment, on your day of rest, feeling you are wasting time, doing nothing, achieving nothing, accomplishing nothing.  For that is not true.  Floating, within your day of rest, is the possibility of triumph, succeeding in the goal of just being, living, within the vastness, of all that is.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Few, realize the profound impact, of spending long periods of time, being: being quiet, being silent, being part of the country path, being a piece of the garden, being the flowing stream, or river. just being.  When another person asks you, about the day you spent, in rest, resist the temptation to say that you did nothing that day.  Respond, “I spent the entire day, being who I am meant to be, experiencing my divine place within all that is.































      You have been taught, many things.  Some things, you have been taught, you embrace, and live.  Other things, you have been taught, you reject, and ignore.  There come, stages, in your life, when it is time, to stop, to check, to take inventory, of the things, you have been taught, that remain, within you, to this day.  Review, that which you know, and live, carefully.  Mark, a period, of time, that you might set yourself aside, to sit, with Me, so we might take inventory, together, you and Me, and brush, the cobwebs, from the theories, sweep the debris, from the concepts, and be still.  For, as you grow, it is possible, and desirable, for wisdom to grow, within you.  And sometimes, this wisdom, that comes, from Me, to thee, pushes out, certain teachings, that came, from other’s thoughts to thee.  Be willing, to make room, for the wisdom, which will grow, every time, you sit, with me.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Do not be so set in your ways, that you refuse, the quiet time, to review.  Do not be so stiff-necked that you cannot turn, or alter, or change, by using the wisdom of God, which will come to you, every time you sit, with God.


      Resist the temptation, to be drawn into, confrontation, upheaval, disturbance, of any kind, be it between two people, or a group of people, or more.  You cannot know the truth, of what is happening, until you stand back, observe, from above, circle the event, or issue, and let the truth, the pieces of truth, come to you.  Truth will not be found, in the argument, in the raised voices, in the accusations, or retaliation.  Truth, will slowly, step forward, most often, from both sides. 

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Pay attention, to what is happening, around you.  Refuse to get caught up, in arguments, or upheavals, rather choosing, to be, aside from it.  You do not have to decide what you make of it.  Your position should be, to receive, the wisdom, from God.  I was sent to dwell, within, each, of thee, so you might hold, the wisdom, of God, within you: truth, wisdom.  Stand apart, so you might be free, from the debris, of the argument.  Listen, from your heart, and receive, the wisdom, that will be given, unto thee.



      “I AM with you, this day.  I AM with you.  When you feel, the stirring, within you, you know, I AM with you.  When you hear, the whisper, within you, you know, I AM with you.  There are signs.  There are messages.  And in each, sign, and message, I AM with you.     


       “When I walked, upon the Earth, over two thousand years ago, I noticed, turmoil, war, occupation, cruelty.  I also noticed, love, kindness, generosity, and compassion.  I noticed, watched, and knew.  I also noticed, competition, rivalry, friendly rivalry, amongst those, who were closest to Me.  I watched, and I noticed, while those, I held dear, argued, amongst themselves.  Who, might be the one, I loved, the most?  Who, might be the one, I trusted, the most?  And on it went.  Who, had the best gifts?  Who, spoke the best word?  I listened, and in the listening, I heard. 

       “It seems, to be the natural flow, of things, upon the Earth, that there is competition, to see who is best, in a variety of ways, be it intelligence, physical abilities, spiritual.  You can come up with a list, a competition list, and you will have many applicants, striving for the best. 

       “Each, one of you, is unique, and God loves each, one of you, without measure.  How is this possible!  You say, and I answer, because God is love.  Love flows, from God, freely.  One does not get a quart, and another a gallon, of love.  It just flows to you.  And, what you do with the love of God, that flows, to you, is the game changer.  But there is no extra measure, coming from God.  The gift, back to God, for the measure you receive, which is in equal proportion, to that, which all receive, is what you do with the love, that comes to you, from God. 

       “For example.  When you see a brother, and a sister, arguing about, who is the best, at whatever, you are aware of the competition.  But, the wise parent, points out, that each, one, is unique, pronouncing the truth, that there will never be another you.  And, the wise parent, will add, that there is no need for you to try to be better than, your brother, or better than your sister, because you will never be your brother, you will never be your sister.  You, have the opportunity, to be, you.  And what fills that opportunity, with glory, is the truth; that God loves you, equally; that the love, of God, is flowing, to you; that you permit, the love, of God, to flow, all through you, and then, let it leave you, and go out, into the world.  God’s love to you, blessed by your love, flowing through you, to others, is a new energy.  Every time you take the gift, of God’s love, and magnify it, with your own love, you are blessing the Earth, and all you encounter, with this new combination.  And when this new combination, comes from you, it is uniquely, your energy, mingled with the love, of God.  There is no competition.  There is, opportunity, for you to experience, the love, of God, fully, as you walk, upon the Earth; and then, take that opportunity, and magnify, the love, of God.  So, when this energy flows, from you, to others, it is a blessing, uniquely a blessing, from God, and from you.”


You are invited to attend

Celebration of Life Service

Michael Joseph Gallery
(March 9, 1950 – June 12, 2021) 

Date:  June 12, 2022, at 2:00 PM

Location:  The Quiet Place
324 Marble Mine Road
Bakersville, NC 28705

Contact: (828) 688-2689; or,

Email: thequietplacenc@aol.com

 Dress is casual, comfortable walking shoes.

Service will be held on the hillside, on the new road.

Food will be available following the service.

Kindly, reply, if you will attend.



      I love you.  No matter what you do, your action, or actions, does not stop My loving you.  The only way, you can feel, that our relationship has dimmed, separated, gone away, is for you to turn your head, and walk away.  But, even in the turning, of the head, and the walking, away, I still love you.  As much as I did before, I love you, today.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       God’s love is constant.  It, cannot change, because God is love.  And when God loves you, nothing, you choose, to do, will alter that love, that God has, for you.  For, it was set in place, that, if there would come a time, when you were not before the face of God, standing in love, it would be your choice, to turn, to walk, away.  But, if you find yourself, in that place, today, all you need do is turn around.  Stop running away.  Stand where you are, and God will meet you, this day, with all the love, which is yours, which has been, is now, and will be, forevermore.


If you listen you will hear the song of the frog, the song of the insect, the song of the birds, the song of the grasses and the trees. For all creation sings a song. All creation sings a song of praise and thanksgiving to its Creator. It sings to me. I wish for you, also, to sing, to sing the song that I have given you—to sing it loud, and sing it strong, and sing it from your heart. For when you sing the song that I have given you, you, too, are singing to me. You, too, are singing a song of praise and thanks to your Creator. Sing. Sing what is in your heart today, for your song brings me great delight. 

And the Holy Spirit says: 

I give you a song. Even in your darkest hour, I give you a song. Even in your saddest moment, your most desperate time, I give you a song to sing. If you pay attention, you will hear it rising from within. When you sing this song and sing it out, you will feel hope renewed within your being. For the song comes from your Creator and it is given to you to sing so that you can be encouraged and receive endurance for your journey.