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      Resist the temptation, to wring your hands, to lash-out in anger, when times of challenge, and trauma, come to you.  Do not throw yourself this way, or that way, and do not scream out for revenge.  The temptation will be great to do this, when traumatic, or dramatic, events occur around you, or to you, within you.  When this occurs, and into each of your lives, it will come, at one time, or another, be still.  Set yourself aside.  Close the door, and sit with Me.  I will wrap My arms around thee, and hold you, in such a way, that you know, we are one.  And slowly, peace will return, and peace will emerge, from the shattered pieces, of the trauma.  Be still, and know, for I AM God, and I AM within you.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       Times of turmoil will tempt you into acts of expending your energy, in such a way, that it is not productive, in fact, it is counterproductive, pointing fingers, casting blame, being angry, all in the name of frustration, and hurt, and doubt, and concern, and worry.  Know this, I AM the fulfillment of the promise, made thousands of years ago, by Jesus.  He promised, to send, an advocate, to dwell, within each of you.  And so, I AM, within each of you.  I AM to be your comfort.  I AM to be your counselor.  I AM to hold you, until you feel you can breathe deeply, once again.  And then, rise-up, in The Light of The Son, and continue your grand journey, upon the Earth.





      I love each of you, equally.  There is not one being, upon the Earth, which I do not love.  This is possible, because I go to the core of their being, where there, is My love.  I love you, each, equally.  So, whenever you are hurting, crying, feel ashamed, or guilty, or disgraced, I hold you, within the energy of My love.  So, do not be tempted to throw stones at one who is at their lowest point.  For you might not see Me, but I AM there, with them, holding them.  And if it applies to you, it is the same.  I AM with you, holding you, loving you.  I stand with you.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       Reject, outright, any thought that might suggest that you judge another, or mock another, or speak ill of another, or join in the gossip of another.  For, doing these things will be as if you have picked up the stones, and hurled them.  And when you hurl those stones, they fall upon both of us.  For, I AM there, with the victim of your anger, hatred, cruelty, or mockery.  Think upon this.  For, what you say about another, and what you do to another, you say about Me, and do about Me.  For, My love will hold, not only you, but each one of you.  So, do not stone us with your judgments.  Embrace us, with your love.  What you do to one another, you do, also, to Me.



      When you speak to Me of theology, I will share, with you, that which you are ready to bear.  But: when you speak to Me, of the joy you experienced, walking in the rain, as the spring flowers blossomed; when you speak to Me of that experience of holding your child on your lap, and reading a book to them; when you speak to Me of the experience of reaching down, and taking the hand of your grandchild, and walking through the park; when you speak to Me of such joys, I will smile.  When you speak to Me of sadness, I will hold you.  I will shower you with tender mercy.  When you speak to Me of disappointment, I will pour forth, upon you, grace.  You see, when you wish to speak of theology, then I AM teaching you.  But when you speak to Me of your Earth experiences, you are teaching Me, that which you felt.  And that experience is real, and I smile.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       Sit quietly, and let your heart speak to God.



      All along your path, you will encounter challenges, attempts to move you, or sway you, to such a degree, that you find you are making quick judgments, you are condemning, through your actions, you are unloving, in your ways.  When you meet these roadblocks, it is important that you have, set in place, an objective, the intention of which is to keep yourself pure, and clean, and loving, with no animosity toward any of God’s Great Creation.  When you set a course to be kind, and to love all which God created, there will still be distractions, and challenges, to sway you.  But you will be prepared, to say, “no,” and walk on.  To act within this state of purpose requires that you do the work ahead.  When you run into the conflict, the challenges, it is not time to begin preparation, to set your intention.  The time to set your course is now, making the decisions, and incorporating them, within you: that you will do good, that you will live in The Light.  Because, My son, My daughter, you are The Light of the World.  Do not hide The Light, that is within you, under a bushel of judgment, and hatred, and greed.  Rid yourself of that basket, and shine.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       Once your heart is dedicated, once your thoughts are pure, it will be easier to meet the challenges.  But to reach this state takes preparation.  The challenges are coming, the roadblocks are set, some beyond, some above, some to the left, and some to the right, some circling beneath you.  Therefore, there is the possibility that you might encounter such.  Prepare now, so you are prepared to rise above that, which is set to bring you down, and continue your journey: in The Ways of Love; walking The Ways of God; living The Ways of God; bringing peace to all you meet.




      Do not build your kingdom upon Earth.  For that which you purchase, you buy, you possess, those material objects that are yours, will ultimately mean nothing.  If you raise-up your castles upon the Earth, you are investing your time on something which will crumble, and fall.  Rather feed yourself, and others, as much as possible.  Clothe yourself, and others, as much as possible.  Make your bed, and rest at night.  Be kind, and considerate, and do what is right.  Begin to understand that eternity is the reality.  Invest in eternity rather than something which is destined to fall.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       Let this day be happy, and joyous, and filled with song, and dance.  Do not look back.  Do not look forward.  Stay in the present piece of eternity, and sing, for it is yours.  You have been given this day, and there is so much to see, and do.  So, do not regret what has been done.  Do not fear that which might come.  But, rise-up, and sing, that you have been given this day.  It is yours.




      “I AM with you.  I see you.  I know you, and love you.  I AM with you, and knowing this, brings a comfort to you.  When you forget, a loneliness, often moves in, a sadness establishes a foothold.  But, when you remember, all is right, again, and you know, I AM with you.



      “It is difficult to live a simple life, when you are burdened with so many possessions, material things.  Yes, you need clothing.  Yes, you need to eat.  Yes, you need to drink.  Yes, you need to care for your body, and do so, in such a way, that you honor it, as a temple.  God is within you.  The Holy Spirit is within you.  I AM within you.  We are all within each other, and we are one. 

      “But I do not say these words, speaking only to you.  These words can be said to each one of you.  And if these words can be said to each one of you, then you are all one.  Think of it in simple terms.  Yes, you need clothing.  But you do not need ten closets full of clothing.  Yes, you need food.  But you do not need to hoard food, and stack it away.  Yes, you need drink, but also, share this too.  Do not hoard, or covet, or gather all you can around you.  Hold with you, that which you need, and release all else. 

      “There is nothing wrong with having gold, and silver, money, as long as you use it for good.  But when the gold, and silver, and money takes your focus, your interest, and becomes a god to you, in many ways, this is what needs to receive your attention, so that you can change it, totally.  If the flow, of money, comes to you, use what you need, and let it go through, passing to others, so they too can do. 

      “Keep your life simple.  Unclutter your closets.  Unclutter your drawers.  Make a clean sweep, so that you have what you need, and not much more.  And do the same with all your spiritual gifts.  Use them.  Use them for the good of all.  Take your gifts, and let them be seeds, from which vines will, erupt with life, and be filled, with fruit, so others too, can some, and see, and eat the fruit, of the gifts you have been given.  It is a flow. 

      “Do not complicate your spiritual life.  Let it be simple.  Speak with God.  Touch nature.  Speak with the trees, and the rivers, and the rocks, and the birds, and bees, and the flowers… and the trees.  Let your presence be known.  God reveals the face of God, the love of God, the compassion of God, the beauty of God, and it is the revelation, held in nature, all around you.  Look at it, and you will know how good, and beautiful, is your God.  Simplify your material life, simplify your spiritual life, to the point where you run, and sing, and are happy, with what you see.  God’s creation is revealing, the face of God to you, the heart of God to you, the love of God to you.  And it is for you, as you are part of The Great Creation of God.”




      Be willing to open your eyes: to new vistas; to open your heart to loving more; to open your ears, so that you might hear the truth.  Open your arms, so that you might greet new people, in the same manner that you welcome family, and dear friends.  Look, and see, and know, you are not upon the Earth to stand in one place, stagnant.  No.  You are upon the Earth to grow, with each experience.  So, walk into each hour of the day, without hesitation, knowing I will show you The Way.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       There is comfort in the familiar: sleeping, in the same bed; eating, the same meals; holding, the same hands; repeating, the same things.  But to grow, spiritually, to grow, you must rise-up, from your comfort zone, and move out into the world, knowing: God is, within you; you have all you need; and the adventure is set before you.  But until you walk into it, there is no journey, there is no adventure, only the possibility of what is to come, to be, so you might know.  Rise-up and grow.  Look at the world, around you.  Walk into nature, and rejoice, in the growth there, and therein, share your own.