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      What do you deliver to Earth?  How do you impact the world every day?  Pay attention, for your thoughts, and words, and deeds have an effect on those around you; and, oftentimes, it is profound.  When you walk into a room, where people are gathered, and you deliver sadness in your presence, soon sadness works its way through those gathered.  If you walk into a room, where people are gathered, and you are carrying the virus of grumpiness or sullenness it infects the group gathered.  If you walk into a room filled with joy and happiness, this fills the room, and those gathered, with joy and happiness.  If you pay attention to what you are doing, you will find the truth in this.  Be mindful of what you are delivering to the world today.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       It will take practice, and it will take desire to practice, clearing your thoughts, checking your words, being mindful of your deeds so that they are of light rather than shadow.  Begin today to deliver light.  Today, be the bringer of light to all those who gather around you.




      I wish for you to begin to know the untapped sacred resources which you hold within you, which have been within you all along.  When you come to know that which is within you, it will not be necessary for you to seek high and low for that which you carry, the wisdom that is yours.  For, when you are researching, and looking into history, and trying to find the reason or the facts which will go with the feeling that was in you, or is in you, you are looking at what has been, the old, the recognized.  But, My child, what if I want to send you something new?  What if I wish for you to tap into that resource you carry, and open the treasure that has been buried within you?  It will lie dormant until you say, “I will be still.  I will no longer search in the world created by man, I will be still, and take The Hand of My Father, My God, My Mother of Spirit, The Creator of All Things.” 

And The Holy Spirit says:

      Have you ever been looking or searching for your glasses, only to find that your glasses are perched atop your head, or you are wearing them, just as they are meant to be worn?  Have you ever searched for something that you have on your person?  This happens more frequently than you know.  You are searching, looking, seeking, for that which is with you, on you, in a pocket, in a purse, in your hand.  Today, be still and let Me guide you into the richness of The Plan for you.  It might hold some old, it might bring some new; but, if you will be still, I will show you what is meant uniquely for you.



      Trust in Me with the same enthusiasm you use when trusting others around you, when trusting a weather forecast will allow you to prepare better for what the day holds instore for you.  Trust in Me, as much as you do your loved ones, to support you.  Trust in Me, because I will show you The Way, for The Way is already set, it is clear; and, even free will choices, will not prevent that which is to unfold for you.  If it is meant to be, it is meant to be, and no matter how much you worry, or fret, or create a miserable situation regarding a situation, it still will unfold as it is meant to be.  Today, put more faith in the miraculous than you do the magical, put as much faith in the unseen as you do the seen.  This will bless your day in every way.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       Watch and see how a day, give it only one day, will unfold in a most miraculous way, when you permit it to do so.  Soon you will find that no matter how much worry and frustration you insist on adding to your day, it still will unfold the way it was meant to unfold, and what is going-on inside of you really has very little to do with how the day is set in history, in eternity.




      “I AM with you.  When you believe this, it is a source of comfort to you.  When you are trained in believing this, through practice, it becomes a part of you and you know I AM with you, just as you know a friend, who is not near to you, supports you, and all your endeavors, and the things that you wish to do, even when they live in another city, far away from you.  It is easier to understand this support and love, when you place it in a human being form, than it is when you are speaking to Me, in the realm of the unseen.  But, I assure you, I do not remain unseen all the time, and when your belief reaches the plateau where you believe, to the degree that I walk into your life and you see Me, as you watch things unfolding around you, in a miraculous way.  Then, you take understanding to a different level, and realize it is not required to see, but to know, and to accept, so you might grow, and move into The Eternal River, The Ever-going Procession of Eternity.  It moves, it continues, and it is very exciting.                                                                  


      “Seen versus the unseen, the unseen does not mean that you cannot see it, the unseen is not observed easily, but when the light is just right the unseen is revealed, maybe in a flash, perhaps for an hour or two, but it is important that the light hold it in such a way that you have time to observe it.  Your human body functions in a way that requires faith for you to see the unseen, but you can partially explain it, even to a child, when you encounter a column of insects, which you did not even know was present, or anywhere near you, until the light of the sun caught it, at just the right time, when you could see thousands of insects in column climb to the sky.  But it was not there, for you, until the light made it true, and the unseen became the seen right before you.  This is how it works.  If everything around you is flowing, effortlessly, living and growing, it is only ego that creates within you the idea that you are not part of it.  Somehow you are special, set aside.  You walk through the park, but you do not consider yourself a part of the park.  You swim in the ocean, but rarely believe you are part of the ocean, at that moment.  You would concede that the fish are part of the ocean environment, but you would not consider yourself a part of the ocean environment, because you believe you are special and set aside.  If you sit with this thought for a while, your perspective will be altered, ever so slightly, and you will begin to see that as you walk through the park, you are part of the park.  You walk into that environment, and there you are.

      “Many of you will place objects along the way to follow this thought completely through, but I can assure you it is true.  And, many of you will say, ‘Well, that is a very good thought for a day when you have nothing to do, but what about a project?  You cannot just walk through the day when you have a project which has a deadline, which must be met.’  ‘And, that is a good question,’ I would say.  But still, the day will unfold, as it is meant to unfold, and the project which holds such importance, if it is meant to be, it will become a part of that day, through you, because you will create it to be so; and, that is what you will do, and that is how you contribute to the continuing of creation.

      “Putting a period at the end of that sentence does not put a period to the end of the questions that these statements bring forth in your thoughts.  Yes, you must be prepared, but preparation does not mean worry and fretting, fear and doubt.  Preparation means: when it is time to go to school to study, go to school and study; when it is time to get-up and go to work, get-up and go to work; when it is time to take care of your body so that it can respond, quickly and efficiently, to the control center, to what you desire it to do, then take care of your body; eat the right foods, exercise, laugh, dance, be happy.  Make preparation, waiting for the time, when you are called to step upon the stage, and play your role, a role that is significant as time unfolds into eternity, all eternity.  Be prepared.  Do not worry.  When you are prepared, no matter how it unfolds, your role will bring you forth, and you will do your part.  You will create what is meant to be, and you will bring it into the dimension where you exist; and, in doing so, you have played the role you are meant to play.  Preparation, opening to the possibility that you are one with the park, and the pool, and the ocean, and the desert, and the woods, and the rivers.  Consider that it is not magic, it is miraculous.  Consider it is not coincidence, it is the ways of God.  Consider that, no matter how much you worry and fret, it will be.  Take these few words into the day with thee, and know I AM with you.”





      Before you left Heaven to travel to Earth your spirit was given gifts for you to use from the time of your birth upon the Earth until you returned Home.  Many of you know these gifts.  Some of you know your gifts.  Some of you use these gifts.  These gifts of The Holy Spirit were given so that your way upon the Earth might be easier, more fulfilling, rich, abundant.  It is time to recognize that it is possible to use your gifts of spirit to magnify and embellish your talents, the things you do upon the Earth with your body; for the good athlete, for the artist, for the parent, for anything you do, and show a good instinct for doing, can be magnified by using your spiritual gifts in parallel.  Today, let the gifts of The Holy Spirit you carry within flow into your talents, your accomplishments and see.  Look and see what you can do.  Let the world see the spiritual gifts within you, flowing through the talents that are yours.  Then, your accomplishments will ring of Heaven and Earth.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       You are of Heaven and you are of Earth, and you have a rare gift, an unusual opportunity to be the connector between Heaven and Earth.  You also have the opportunity to create a miraculous energy, that has never existed before, when you use the things of Earth and use the things of Heaven together.  Draw from Earth, draw from Heaven, mix these things, these energies, within you, and let them flow from you.  For, there has never been another you to mix the things of Heaven and Earth anew.



      If today you feel alone, saddened, burdened, guilty, frustrated, or any of these things, or similar feelings, be still.  Go within.  Walk the corridors, that is where it begins, the corridors of your inner self, and you will come to that door.  You will come to the door where behind you will find Me waiting for you in the chamber meant for us two.  And, we will sit together, and I will speak to you, reminding you of who you are.  I will not put you down or push you away.  I will not say to you: you should have done this; or, you should have done that; or, because you did this, or because you did that, you find yourself in this place of despair.  No, child, I will not say that as we sit there.  I will remind you that you are My child.  I will remind you that you are a being of eternity.  I will remind you that your light rivals the brightest star.  I will remind you of the powerful being you are.  And then, we will talk of love, and I will fill you with it; and then, we will talk of light, and I will restore you with it; and then, we will talk of forgiveness, and you will sit with it.  I forgive you, you forgive others, and slowly, while you remember who you are, and the powerful gifts you hold within you, your shoulders will rise, your breath will be deep and long, and soon you will be ready to walk amongst those who told you how wrong you were.  But this time, you will walk with confidence, their words will hold no meaning like the words we spoke during that sacred meeting.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       Do not hesitate to withdraw from the ways of the world to meet The Creator of All Things, within you because: this is where you are restored, within; this is where you are made whole, from within; this is where you meet your God, from within.  Until the day you pass back through the veil, and go Home, the place to meet God is within.



      I will tell you a story.  The story is rich and full.  The central figure of the story faces many challenges, sometimes encounters sadness, difficulty, extravagance, lack, tears, and cheers.  Sometimes the obstacles, that you will hear about, seem immovable, but the star of the story is able to overcome, sometimes in outright glory, sometimes stooped by the burden and the weight of the rock they must move to continue their journey.  Oh, My child, it is a grand story, and it has everything which will keep you riveted, on the edge of your seat.  And, just when you think all is well, something will happen, but it will be the telling of the true character of this central figure.  And then, when you think there can be no more, the light can be seen, through the crack of a door, and a whisper will come through, at the very end, and say, “ It is time to come Home.  Tell Me where you have been.”  My child, the story is the story of you, and it contains everything you think, and say, and do as you make your travels upon the Earth.  So, heads-up, let the laughter roll from your tongue, and tickle all around you with delight, for the story does not end in the dark of the night, it ends with a whisper, calling you Home.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       Can you imagine how life upon the Earth would be, if you knew that it just does not end?  All the adventures keep coming, and you never know what is around the bend, but you know, at the core of your being, it will all be fine, it will all be right, and you get to play from morning until night, forever.  This concept might be difficult to grasp, but it is true, it is forever that you will last, and you will see night and you will see day, and you will see work and you will see play.  But, what will count, at the end of the day, is your gift to God through what you did think, and do, and say.