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      Do not deny The Voice, calling to you, from within.  Do not fear to follow.  When you begin the journey, within, into all that is, there will come a time of surrender.  You will feel your physical body resist, the inclination to elevation.  Breathe deeply, and continue, for you are at the chamber door.  Open the door and enter the sanctuary of your soul, and there you will find Me, waiting for thee.  And even in the reaching of this ecstasy, there is more.  For, we will speak, and the new energy, we create, will enfold the words we say, to be held forever, within thee.  Leaving this tender space is not easy.  But the entering becomes easier and easier, as the entering becomes a gentle waltz, into My arms, no longer fearing release and surrender, eager to be in communion with Me, now, and into eternity.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Once you feel The Presence of God, with you, you know no fear.  Anxiety falls from you: as you eagerly pursue The One, The Source of All Life, your Eternal Parent, The Creator of All Things; as you pursue The Touch of God.



      Before anything was created, I knew you, as I know you, now.  And in the conception, of a thought, The Word was born.  And I spoke, bringing to life, the thought, and sparking the creation.  As I thought, I spoke, and all things came into creation, including you.  And My creation continues, through you, in what you think, and say, and do.  Now, if you did hear My words, that I thought, and spoke, and it was created, be still, and know this.  With reverence, know this.  As you think, and speak, it is created.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Master your thoughts.  There is not thought, that pops into your head, which you cannot either bless, and allow to flow from you, or cast from you.  You choose your thoughts.  Not one person, walking upon the Earth, can make you think, other than what you choose to think.  You are the master of your thought.  You are the master of your words.  You are the master of your deeds.  You are the master of all you create.




      Be bold in the celebration of all of the aspects of who you are.  Refuse to hide, bring them out, and you decide, which aspect you will use, for each situation, that comes to you.  For, The Holy Spirit that dwells, within you, has given you the gifts, to use, for every occasion, every encounter.  And this is true.  Allow all that is you to be present in the world, so you might do what you are intended to do.  Let the vibration of the power, and the energy, that is you, move out, from you, caressing, all those around you with love, and peace, and courage, and strength, and confidence.  Resist the temptation to correct, or chide others, but humbly abide, within The Holy Spirit, dwelling, within you.  For, when you carry wisdom, as your lamp, there is no need to call-out, to convince, to cajole.  No, all you need do, is humbly abide within My Spirit, which lives within you.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Come, come with Me, and let us walk into this day.  It is glorious day.  All days are glorious, because it is your opportunity to bring The Light of God, wherever you go.  So, I will whisper, and you will hear.  And you will lift-up your lantern, so that with My Wisdom, all will be clear.  And clarity will be the sign that you are walking The Path Divine.




      Know, that, which I teach thee, for that, which I teach thee, is truth, and wisdom.  The more you make the time, to sit with Me, to be in communion, with Me, our union grows stronger, and lives, and breathes.  It is a creation, between you, and Me, this sacred place, where we might be, united in a special way.  And in theses times, of unification, I speak, and you hear, and you know.  You know, that, which you know, that, which I AM teaching you, to be the truth, to be so.  And when you know, that, which you know, as we sit, I will reveal that, which you did not know, before.  And I will teach thee, and you will hear.  And in the knowing, we will draw near.  And in that sacred space, you will hear, and know, more than you did before, before the knowing settled into you, a piece at a time, like seeds that I AM sowing, within you, the divine.  For, the tree of wisdom to branch, and grow, within you, My child, I make it so.  That, which you know, will grow.  And once you know it, there will be more, more revelation, illumination, in the light created, in our communion.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       As a child begins to understand that, if you have one apple, and another gives you an apple, you have two apples.  And a young child knows this.  There is an apple in each hand; therefore, you must have two.  But as you grow, you learn, and begin to know, different aspects of addition, and subtraction, and multiplication, and division.  And so, that, which you know, does grow, because, you were willing to stop, and listen, so that you might know.  It is the same with your spiritual growth.  You know what you know.  Open, during the times, you sit with God, and hear.  Listen, so you might hear, and know.  And each time, as you sit, in that chamber divine, there will come a spark, a lesson, a blessing, a revelation, a new knowing.  And you rise-up knowing, that, which you did not know, before.  So, just because you know now, does not mean that there is not more.  Treasure that, which you know.  Hold it dear.  Hold it near.  Hold it, and know.








      The journey of your lifetime, upon Earth, sometimes, has been challenging, difficult.  This time might be challenging, difficult.  It might also be a time of great joy, and release, for you.  But no matter what your journey is bringing to you, now, I call to you, from within.  And I say, come, sit, talk to Me.  Tell Me where you have been, so I might have this experience, with you.  If we sit beside a river, I will wash, and dry, your feet.  If we sit, on grass, in a meadow, I will find fruits to feed you, so you might eat.  If we walk, the street of a city, close so we might speak, I will take the worries and fears from you, so it feels as if no one else is around us.  And we will walk the city street.  But come the nighttime, as we are together, I will lay you down.  My lap will be your bed, and the only sound, we will hear, is our breathing, My breath upon you, bestowing new life.  Come, let us sit, together.  Let us release all the strife you carry, so you might hear the songs of angels, and therein find your peace.

And the Holy Spirit says:

       In every lifetime, upon the Earth, there is change.  Everything changes.  And change is growth.  So, when it is time for change, do not grasp that, which you know, refusing to let go.  Open your hands.  Let your arms go forward.  Point the way, with your index finger, so you might say, “Here I am, Lord, I am here, today.”  And in that time, and with that statement, you will be lifted-up, and you will go.  You will be led, from within.  For God has made it so, that within you is your compass, and that compass shall be Me.  And I will carry thee, through all situations, and you will know The Way.  You will know The Way Home.






      You have walked a long way, some of it through desert, some of it in the sweet light of the day, some of it by a river, some of it through dark city streets.  No matter where you have traveled, throughout your lifetime upon the Earth, you have journeyed far, at tender times, at holy times, at times of repose, at times of stress and challenge.  My daughter, My son, you have walked, and the journey has been your own.  Through it all, it is your own.  This lifetime you have experienced, it is yours.  Do not be tempted to devalue any of it, for it has made you who you are.  Take that which has made you, releasing that of darkness and shadow, tears and pain, cherishing the lessons, blessing the experience, for without each and every encounter, you would not be standing as you are.

And The Holy Spirit says:

    Celebrate every aspect of your lifetime, upon Earth.  As it all came to you, it was yours to do.  And once it, the experience, is done, you add another page to your book, your blessings of wisdom.  Take it all.  Look carefully.  Select the pearls of wisdom to cherish as you continue your journey upon the Earth.  Be blessed in the knowing that it is The Way, and you are walking in it, following it Home.



      To all of you, to each of you, but especially to those of you, who are struggling in the desert, in the present piece of eternity, I AM with you, and within you, most assuredly.  Just as you can count on the sunrise and the sunset, I AM with you.  But just as you cannot always see the sunrise and the sunset, you cannot always see Me, as I AM with you.  But as you continue, your spiritual journey, you will soon compare, and understand.  You know the sun is rising, even if it is rainy or cloudy.  You know the sun is there.  And you know the sun is setting, even if it is storming.  You know the sun is there.  You believe, in that way, in the unseen.  It is not a big step, to take that of nature, and see, the unseen, in a spiritual nature.  As the sun is always with you, I AM always with you.  As the stars are always with you, I AM always with you.  As the moon is always with you, I AM always with you.  Push through the clouds.  Fear not the storm.  Walk in the rain.  And these things will no longer hide that which you cannot see, because, in the walking, in the knowing, in the growing, in the acceptance, you will come to see, that I AM, within thee.  There is not one place you can go that you will not find Me, there with you.  For, I AM, within you.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       You can seek the Presence of God, intellectually.  You can study theology.  You can seek, in many ways.  But the most efficient and effective way is to be still, be quiet, step over the threshold of your inner landscape, and take the journey, within.  And you will come upon the chamber door.  And that is where you shall knock, and the door shall be opened.  That, within you, is where you ask, and seek, and all, that you seek, will be given unto you.  You will not find these things in the world around you.  You will find the Wisdom of God, in the Chamber of Silence, within you.