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      Knock down the walls, and the barriers, that you have constructed.  Unlock the door, that you have firmly set in place.  Do not walk in fear.  Understand that, if you are within My Light, and My Power is flowing into you, with great strength, and might, it flows into you, and let it flow from you, because, My Power, My Strength, My Love, and My Light, is your protection.  You need not create walls, or barriers, keeping others away from you.  I can do for you that which you cannot do.  When you walk into a room, be so connected with Me, that My Presence is what others feel, and see, through you.  I will not send you out to do that which you cannot do.  And My Power, flowing through you, and out-pouring upon the Earth, will spread open the doors, the curtains, will separate waters for you to walk through, will flatten mountains for you to cross to the other side, will do all manner of things, if you will set aside all your worries, and concern, and go, where I ask you to go, with no barrier, no wall, no locked door.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Cast from you the spirit of fear, and doubt, and worry, because these energies, when accepted by you, are created, and continued, within you.  They diminish all that you do.  Take time, today, to cast these energies, and spirits, who create them, out of you.  There is much to do, but it will not be done, to its fullest potential, until you are free of fear, doubt, worry, and concern.  Cast them out.  Let them be gone from you.




      I have set those amongst you, who have the patience to fish, waiting for the right time, to pull up the line, or the net, so others might eat.  I have set those amongst you, who have the patience, to plant the garden, and wait, until it is time, for the harvest so others can eat.  I have set those amongst you, who have the patience, to take the flour, and water, and yeast, and let it rise three times, before kneading it again, and rolling it again, and putting it in the oven, so others might eat.  I have set those amongst you, carrying the gift of patience.  For those of you, who hold this gift, your life is peaceful, and serene, calm.  For those of you, who receive the gift, of patience, from others, you are blessed.  You taste of that which they carry, within them, and at the right time, release it, so others might eat, of the gift of patience.  I set amongst you those who hold this gift.  If you hold the gift of patience, you are at peace.  If you receive the gift of patience, from another, you are blessed.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Receive the gift of patience.  No matter how it comes to you, it comes from God to you.  Receive it and be blessed.




      Come out from hiding.  Come out of your caves, from under bushes, from deep within your dwellings, from under the cloaks.  Come out, wherever you are.  Come out into My Light.  For there is no need to hide, or to set yourself aside.  Come out into The Light.  For you are limiting yourselves.  You are excluding yourselves.  Come out into The Light.  If you have been under the bushes, and trees, come out, and see each of these, in The Light.  The fruit you have been eating, is the fruit beneath, that which does not get The Light.  Therefore, it is diminished in size, and taste, and is often bitter.  Come out and pick the fruit off of the trees, and the bushes, and out of the soil of the Earth, that is held within My Light, and you will taste, with delight, the ripened fruit, the fruit that has ripened in My Light.  Hide no more.  Come out into The Light, and live abundantly, in My Light.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Do not trap yourself in darkness, feeling unworthy.  Do not hide behind a door, feeling you have done something so deplorable, that no one will ever forgive you.  Do not sit in a corner, trying to be unnoticed.  God did not create you to be anything but glorious, in The Light.  Punish yourself no longer.  Forgive yourself, immediately.  You hold the key to your freedom.  You are worthy.  You are of God.  Claim that heritage, now, and come, into The Light of God.  Do not sit in darkness, when The Light of God is yours.





      I wish for you to know the joyful reward, of acting, upon the signs you see, without hesitation, immediately.  For, when the sign comes to you, and you respond by doing that which the sign tells you to do, you are exchanging, and working, with Me in the instant, when it is the time, when the time is right, when the need is there, when the gift is there.  When you are in a state of loneliness, and there is knock at the door, and you open the door, and you see the face of a friend, you love, it is an answer to a prayer.  You cannot know exactly why the friend was brought there, to your door, at the exact time, your prayer was being lifted-up.  But you do recognize that it is the answer to your prayer.  This result is meant to be, every time a thought from Me is sent out into eternity, to create a situation that answers a prayer, immediately.  And when the signs come to you, and you see, and you know, and you do, then you are part of the answer to the prayer.  Do not miss the opportunity for this joyful reward.  Watch for the signs.  Do not ignore the signs.  Act upon the signs, and do it, with a sense of urgency.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       You will often hear people say, they were wondering about which way they should go, and a sign appeared, and then, they knew.  You will also hear people talk about the signs, they saw, that were confirming what they were thinking.  But you know, in the way they are speaking, that there was no action taken on the sign, or the thinking.  Signs are not random.  They are with purpose, and intention.  Be mindful of the signs you see.  They are sent from God.  They are sent to you, so you will see, and know what to do.  Embrace the signs, that come to you, and without hesitation, do what the signs are directing you to do.


When difficult decisions are yours to bear, do not hold onto them, do not leave them there, clouding your sight, and your vision, clouding your sleep, and your dreams.  Bring every difficult decision to Me.  We will share the difficult decisions, together.  Set them down before Me.  Ask, and as a good Parent, I will tell you exactly how to resolve the decision, that has fallen upon you.  You do not need to make it on your own.  Trust that I will guide you in the ways, My ways, The Way.  

And The Holy Spirit says:

       When the decision, with you, is so difficult that all those around you acknowledge, you have a difficult decision to make, then there comes a temptation to go to each one around you, and ask, “What would you do?”  “What would you do?”  “What would you do?”  And if you ask two people, you will get two answers.  And if you ask twenty, you will get twenty answers.  And if you ask two hundred, you will get two hundred answers.  And it is possible for none of them to be the same.  Then, you are left, not only with the difficult decisions, but with two hundred possible resolutions.  And the reality of it is that none of the two hundred resolutions could be right, for you.  The only way, you will know, that you have the right guidance, for the difficult decision, with you, is if you will sit with Me.  I hold The Wisdom of Heaven.  It is astonishing, to realize, that you can ask, of God, and God will respond, in answer.  You can sit, with Me, and I will respond, in answer, because I AM The Spirit of God, within thee.  Do not carry this burden, any longer.  Do not bear the decision, alone.  Come within, and sit, and be still, and the answer, the resolution, will come, for you, and it will be exactly the right one, for you, and it will bring you peace, in the doing of it.




      “I AM with you.  I bring the peace of Heaven to you, for Heaven is always near to you, a whisper, a movement, slight movement, of your hand, reaching into a place of divine perfection, Heaven.  And it is yours, and with you, for the asking.  Ask, and you shall receive.  And as you live in the world, you will move in the world, and you will do what is necessary to live in the world, but you will be more pronounced, as one of Heaven, because of what you say, and do, because you hear what I say to you.  Let us walk, together, today, amongst the flowers, and the grasses, of Earth, speaking of heavenly ways, walking The Way.                       



      “Many of you, right now, are plagued, with difficult decisions, decisions that you might wish you could hand to someone else, and say, ‘Take this.  I do not want to deal with it.  It is too challenging.’  The truth of it is, if the decision has fallen upon you, it is yours to handle, but you do not have to make the decision, on your own.  Still, do not let this decision making eat into you, breaking bone, and tearing sinew and muscle, becoming so heavy, in its weight, you cannot move.  It is not necessary for you to bear such a weight.  Take this decision, and sit with God, and listen, with intention, and purpose.

      “When the decision is of such weight, you must be willing to take the time.  If it takes hours, take hours.  If it takes days, take days.  But sit with God, until it is done, and you rise-up, and know The Way to resolution, without concern of what others are thinking the resolution should be, because everyone around you will have an opinion about what you should do with this decision, that is a burden to you.

      “As I walked upon the Earth, there were those who tried to trick Me into making a decision, one way, or the other.  I always asked God, The Father, ‘What should I say?’  And then I would pronounce the words, that were not My words, but the words of The Father.  In so doing, those around Me knew The Way of God, through what I was saying, because it was The Will of God.  Many times, I had to make decisions, that were not pleasing to those around Me.  There was one such time when a young man came and asked Me what he should do, so that he could follow Me.  And I told him what he needed to do, but he could not bring himself to do it.  He made a decision himself, and once his decision was made, I walked away.  When those around Me asked for answers to certain questions, the answer I gave, was the answer God gave to Me to give.  You are never alone, in a decision-making process, if you take your question to God.  I was never plagued with the decisions, I was freed of the burden of them, by speaking the words of God. 

      “When God gives you the resolution to the decision, state it, clearly.  Do not feel you have to stay to enforce, or re-enforce, that resolution.  State the resolution, as God has given you the resolution, and walk away.  You will be free of the burden, of the decision, knowing it was resolved in The Way of God, through The Wisdom of God, by The Hand of God, touching you.”




      The smallest of flowers, has all the components, as does the largest of flowers.  It is the same.  It has exactly what it needs to be the flower it is meant to be.  The smallest of trees, has all the components, as the largest of trees.  It has exactly what it needs to be the tree it is meant to be.  You can look around, and search through creation, and find that, no matter how small that, which you are observing, might be, it has all the components, that the larger version has that is easy to see, because of its size.  But because it is small that, which it has, is not diminished, because it has all it needs.  Pray upon this, watch it, observe it, and your understanding, of this, will be deeper than before you began to look, to see, that the smallest is as great as the largest, and the largest is no greater than the smallest.

And The Holy Spirit says:

      When a child is born into a family, one of the things you hear, most often, at first, is the amazement at the tiny fingers, and toes, of all the small parts of this child.  It seems incredible, but there it is.  The newborn baby is complete.  The child has all it needs, physically.  That which creates, or makes-up, the pieces, and parts, of this child’s anatomy is the same as the largest of the adults, standing around in awe at the little fingers, and toes, little ears, and lips, and nose.  Pay attention to what you see around you today, because each is complete in its own way, from the flowers, to the trees, to little nose on the face of the child.  Every creation is complete in its wholeness.  Do not look, so much, for size, to be impressed, rather look for the smallest, and be in awe, of how within the smallest there is held all that is in the largest, each creation having all it needs.