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      At the present moment, you cannot see mountains rise-up from the bottom of the ocean, to stand, peaks to the sky, then crumble.  You cannot see great rivers, creating canyons.  You cannot see lands, which were once connected, separate, and reform a new topography.  There is so much you cannot see, yet you believe from what you have read, studied, and been told.  You cannot see the change, because it took thousands of years to transpire; and once it does, change still continues.  Nothing is dormant.  It is all alive.  That which you cannot see, I see.  I see it, as a living tapestry, each needle inserted, each thread pulled through, forming what is, from that which was.  It is a continuation of creation.  And it is the same with that which you create in your thought.  Your thoughts create, they live   Your words, and deeds, solidify your creation.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Just as Earth changes, continuing God’s creation, that, which you create, through thought, words, and deeds, changes too.  Even the darkest thoughts, when held in The Light, can be altered, and changed, into a lesson of great value.  You are the master of that, which you create.  As the creator you see, and know, and have the power, to change what you create, in such a way, that negative can become positive.  You are part of the continuation of creation.  All you create is part of the continuation.  Your thoughts are the needle, your words and deeds are the thread.  You can pick the colors, the stitch, and as you do The Living Tapestry tells your story, as it is woven into the fiber of eternity.


      When you create love, that love, you create, lives, and it never dies.  When you create joy, joy lives.  It never dies.  When you create doubt, or fear, or worry, these too, never die.  And that makes it possible to be in the midst of plenty, but still have doubt, and worry, and concern, still live in the energy of lack, no matter how much you have.  When you create gratitude, and thanksgiving, gratitude, and thanksgiving, live.  And that makes it possible to live with less, and less, and less, and still live in abundance, because you know gratitude, thanksgiving.  And, as they live, they are ever with you.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Today, ponder that which you wish to create.  Reject, outright, that which you do not wish to create.  Even by accident, doubt, fear, worry, anxiety can be created.  And once they are created, they live.  Think about what your thoughts are creating.  Be vigilant about what you are creating.  Focus on a life abundant in love, in joy, in peace, compassion, all the good energies, that you wish to be enfolded within.  And that is where you begin.  Let your mind rest there, in the lap of peace, and love.





      Still your movement.  Quiet your thought.  Speak not, for the words will interrupt the blessings of the moment, as I smile upon all that is of Earth.  Sacred silence announces My Presence, and in the stillness: I speak to the mountains and the valleys; I speak to the oceans, and the deserts; I speak to the stars, and the stones of Earth.  I speak to all that is of Earth, and all of Earth responds to My words, to My will, to My blessing.  The mountains, and valleys, sing.  The oceans, and the deserts, joyfully acknowledge Me.  The stars, and the rocks, and the pebbles, of Earth are alive in My presence, by My will.  Be still.  Be quiet.  Speak not, for Earth is singing, and the song is of gratitude and thanksgiving for the gift of life.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       God acknowledges, and speaks, and all nature responds, doing as created to do.  Majestic mountains, lush valleys, all creation, heralds The Presence of God, and you are blessed to watch, to see, to be a witness that all God creates lives.  Be still, and you will feel The Hand of God move, The Breath of God caress, The Power of God permeate all of nature.  Listen, as the song of creation circles the Earth, and rests in the Heavens, announcing The Presence of God, weaving the thread of unity throughout that of Earth, and that of Heaven, until they are one, in a song, of gratitude and thanksgiving, for the gift of life.



      That which you seek, you will find.  If you are seeking an excuse, or blame, that is what you will find,  You will find a reason to blame another.  You will find an excuse for behavior.  But if you are seeking truth, that is what you will find.  In solitude, and quiet, the truth will fill you, and this blessing will be divine, because you will know, and you will grow, within the truth.  Seek the truth, first.  Embrace the truth you receive, and rise-up, and proceed, with your life, knowing the truth, not seeking to blame, not seeking excuses, but using the truth as the blessing it is, to bring you peace, and happiness, again.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       It is true.  That which you seek, you will find.  When you seek the truth, you know.  And this knowing continues growing until you are walking The Way, with no reason to excuse, no reason to point the blame, because the truth will guide you, in every way.  Seek the truth, and that is what you will find.



      Be gentle with those who seem to have lost their way, for just like you, they, too, are on their path, searching, seeking.  If you want to lead, lead by example.  If you want your words to be heard, be the living word.  Be kind, and generous with those you encounter along The Way.  Let a song of thanksgiving rise-up from your heart, inviting others to join in the song.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       When you are tempted to prod, or preach, or nag, with your speech, resist that temptation, and live what you believe.  To the infinite degree, live what you want to say, live what you want to preach, and the unspoken words will speak.  It is a silent language, more powerful than the spoken word.  It is the living word.  Be the living word.




      Do not tarry at the bottom of the staircase.  Begin to climb, with eager anticipation, putting one foot after the other, on each step, ascending, thankful, for that, which is with you, enthusiastic, for that, which is yet to come.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       For each of you, there is a staircase, and it will lead you up, up amongst the stars, through shafts of light, from dimension to dimension, all the while, celebrating who you are, and the destiny that is yours to claim.  Celebrate in thanksgiving, and sing, The Name of God.






“I AM with you.  We have much to do together, so let us begin.  Now is your time, and you are not alone, we walk together.  As you are in the garden of Earth, I AM with you, from the time of your birth, until you answer the call to come Home.  This is today, let us live it, together.                         

“Now is your time.  You are upon Earth for a reason, and that reason is not to be fearful, or hesitant, or worried, about anything.  Your lifetime is meant to be an exciting Earth experience.  And it can be an experience of Earth and Heaven, at the same time.  Use all, The Gifts of The Holy Spirit, you have been given, and live.  Live each moment.  Live with enthusiasm, embracing your time, your journey.

“Now is not the time to waver, or falter.  You have an allotted amount of time to reach the goal, and doing so will create your great adventure, marking each step, marking each word.  Take that, which you have been given, and live the life, that is yours to live.  Be thankful for all that is with you.  Be grateful as you ascend the staircase that is set before you.  Do not delay, for each step holds another gift.  And when you reach the top, and look back down on all you did, you will sing, and your song will be a glorious story, celebrating your life upon Earth.

“Bring Heaven onto the Earth in all you think, and do, and say.  Let thanksgiving be with you every, single day.  Do not wait for one day to celebrate thanksgiving.  Make thanksgiving a way of living, and do so, today.”