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Your tendency is to put too much importance in numbers. The number of things that you own. How much money you have in your bank account. How much time is left in your day or your life. How many people came to an event. How many sales you made. Numbers drive you. But I say to you today quality is more important than quantity. Do not neglect the one while you search for the many. The one in front of you is the one that needs your attention. The one in front of you is the important one today. Do not dismiss the one because you are bound up in numbers seeking quantity. I desire for you to serve the one, for you to notice the one—the one that is in front of you, the one that is in your path, the one that is on your mind. That is the one I wish for you to love today.

And the Holy Spirit says:

Do not get lost in the numbers for your Heavenly Father gives you that which you need. He provides you with the time, with the money, with the resources. Focus instead on the one or the two or the three that you have. When you do this and do it well, then you will be blessed with more.



When you spend your time in the world of man, it is easy for you to become disconnected from me, your source. When you spend your time inside the buildings and the vehicles that man has built, you lose touch with nature, my creation. When you spend your time looking at screens and videos that man has created, you forget to spend time looking at me. Take some time to venture outdoors. Walk today into creation, my creation. For it is in my creation that you become connected with me, the source of all creation. Walk outside. Look up at the sky. See the trees. Feel the sun and the wind. Notice the plants and the insects. For when you look at creation, you are beholding a piece of me. When you feel the sun and the wind, you are feeling my touch, for I am in all these things. I have created all things and it is in me that they exist. Walk today in nature and experience my presence with you.

And the Holy Spirit says:

The world of man draws you into its web. Be careful that it does not keep you from the creation of God, your maker. Be careful that it does not keep you cut off from God. For God is your source. He is the source of all life. Connect with him today and experience life.


Each of you has an Earthy father. For some of you, your Earthly father was present. He was kind and attentive and caring. Others of you, your Earthly father was distant, inattentive, and even absent. Some of you had Earthly fathers that were cruel and mean. I AM your Eternal parent. I AM your Eternal Father. I am not absent. I am not distant. I am not inattentive, nor am I cruel or unkind. Do not equate me with your Earthly father, for I love you. I created you, and I watch over you, and I care for you, and I provide for you. I love you. If you feel I am distant or absent, this is not on my part; this is on your part. Come to me today and feel my love and my care for you. For I, your Heavenly Father, am a good parent.

And the Holy Spirit says:

You are loved. You are loved by your Heavenly Father. You are accepted and loved. He is proud of you, for you are his child. Come to him today and allow him to demonstrate his love for you.


“I AM with you. Do not think of me as an otherworldly being, for I am not. I am wrapped in human flesh, just as you are. I walked the Earth, just as you do. I AM your brother. We share humanity. We share the Holy Spirit. We share the same family. I am your brother, accept me as such.

“I, like you, have both an Earthly father and a Heavenly father. I know what having each is like. I know what having an Earthly father present is like, and I know what having an Earthly father who is absent is like. I can relate, for I have experienced an Earthly father, too. But in having both an Earthly father and a Heavenly father, I know the difference. Our Earthly fathers care for us. They guide us. They direct us. They discipline us. Our Heavenly Father also cares for us. He guides us and directs us and disciplines us.

“For many of you on the Earth, when you reach adulthood, you walk away from your Earthly father. You feel you no longer need to be fathered, for you have reached maturity and you can run your own life. Others of you have continued to seek your Earthly father’s advice and guidance as you moved into adulthood. You desired to continue to be fathered. Each of you on the Earth needs to be fathered. No matter your age, no matter your abilities, no matter your maturity level, each of you needs to be fathered. The level of fathering changes as you mature and grow, but the need to be fathered is still there. For a good father looks after his child. A good father warns his child when danger is near. A good father has his child’s back. He is loyal. He stands by his child. A good father provides if there is a need. No one ever outgrows the need for a good father.

“Your Heavenly Father is a good father. Allow him to father you. Allow him to give you all that you never received from your Earthly father. For he is there to fill in the cracks, to smooth the bumps, to cover the rough places so that you can become all that he created you to be. Your Heavenly Father loves you. He cares for you. Accept his fathering today. Accept his love. When you do this, you will truly be blessed.”


When you meet another person, be careful that you do not fall into a habit of judging the other. For when you look at the outward appearance of another, it is easy for you to fall into judgment. But I wish for you to remember that the person in front of you is much, much more than their outward appearance. Look beyond the physical. For each person that you meet has something to share with you. There is something you can learn from each and every person that you interact with. Even a little child can teach you. For there is more for you to learn and know than you can manage in your short time upon the Earth. Do not miss the lessons, the knowledge, that I desire for you to learn by judging another. Instead, keep your heart open to what each person can teach you.

And the Holy Spirit says:

You do not know the experiences, the trials, or the triumphs of another. Rarely does one’s outward appearance reflect these things. Keep an open mind, keep an open heart, and you will learn all that your Heavenly Father has for you in your life upon the Earth.


      Stand on a mountaintop, and look down, into the valley, below you.  It is beautiful.  Stand in the valley, and look up, at the mountaintop.  It is beautiful.  Stand, on the sand, at the shore, and look out, at the vastness, of the ocean.  It is beautiful.  Wherever you stand, in nature, look.  Look, and see, and know, it is beautiful. 

And The Holy Spirit says:

       The more you walk within nature, draw nearer to nature, you come to see the extraordinary creation of Earth, through different eyes, through contemplative eyes.  And once creation is seen, by you, in this way, gratitude is within your heart.  You look.  You see.  But words fail, descriptions are lacking.   This creation comes from God, and you are wrapped within it.  You are part of it.  Look, and see, and know.




      You are not meant to live, hiding behind closed doors, closed windows, enclosed, in a house, or a building, separated, from nature, and all that I created.  Open the doors.  Open the windows.  Go out into My creation, and touch it, and feel it, and walk, in such a way, that you know, you are not visiting My creation, today, you are a piece of My creation, today, and every day.  You belong in nature.  Draw your strength, from the fruits, of the Earth.  Quench your thirst, from the waters, of the Earth, because as you eat, and as you drink, you are eating, and drinking, My creation.  You are My creation.  Live.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Do not tarry in the doorway.  Step over the threshold, and run, and play, and sing, and dance, all through this day.  You are created by God.  And look around you at the trees, and the flowers, and the rocks, and the rivers, which are also created by God.  Revel in God’s creation, today.