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      “I AM with you.  I reach-out My hand, and say, come.  Take My hand.  Walk with Me.  I will show you The Way.                                           


      “My life, upon Earth, held many examples, of how you can use your life, upon Earth, for the good, for helping those in need, for sitting with those, who are hungry, and thirsty, for conversation, for attention.  All of My time, upon the Earth, was not spent, performing miraculous deeds.  It is true, there were many miraculous deeds performed.  And the reason, for the performance, was so that those, watching might see, and know, the power of God, through that, which I did, through that, which I did, for the glory of God, not My glory.

      “Most of the time, I was, walking the countryside, or in the towns, and cities, growing up in a family, doing the normal, everyday, things, that one does, during your lifetime, upon Earth.  So, you see when you read about the statement, that I truly did make, that you can do everything I AM doing, and even greater things, I was not just talking about miraculous performance.  I was talking about living a life, of service to others.  I was speaking, of the simple deeds, the easy, gentle ways, in which you can touch someone, who is longing, for a gentle touch.  I AM speaking of the times when you can stop, and sit down, and listen, to someone who is ready, to open their heart.  I AM speaking of the times when you do not turn your head from one, that you might, at one time, have rejected; but that you smile, and speak.  I AM speaking of the times when you can gather some fruit, or some vegetables, to share, with others, who might not, at that time, have the money to buy any extras: the fruit, the vegetables.  And you share, and there is communion there. 

      “Hearts will be filled with thanksgiving, and you will live in a state of gratitude.  Yes, you, the provider.  You are providing, and that, too, should bring a song of thanksgiving, from you, that you can do so.  You live in a state of gratitude that you can do so.  And you, yourself, might find you have no extra money to purchase, to give, to others.  But you do have time.  You do have lips to speak.  You do have eyes to see.  You do have ears to hear.  And, you do have a heart to love.  You can do the work of God, even when you have very little yourself, because you are a treasure chest.  What you choose to give to another will be replenished, because it will flow from God to you.  It moves.  Once you release your love, to others, it begins, flowing through you, to another.  And the dam is broken, and it flows, in a mighty power, into you.  So, you have more love.  You have more charity, when you give it.  You have more compassion, when you give it.  You have more, when you give.  So, when you think of that statement, that you can do everything I did, and even greater, go to the smallest, to the simplest, to the way that each person, upon Earth, can do, all that I did, in the name of love, compassion, generosity, and kindness.  Go, and do all that I did.”



      I wish for you to have the full experience of living.  And as you are experiencing living, upon Earth, remember, that if you are breathing, on Earth, right now, you existed before your birth, upon Earth.  You are an eternal being.  Your eternal life will not cease.  You are created of the energy and light, of My love and power.  Do not think your time, your life, is limited to that which you are experiencing on Earth, right now.  No matter whether you are seven or ninety-seven, embrace what is with you now, as it is the experience for you, now.  There is no need to wonder what it would have been like, if you had this same experience when you were sixteen, or twenty-five.  The experience is intended for you, now.  Embrace it.  Embrace eternal life.  As you are in this flow let go of all the fear, and worry, and a desire to know, every step ahead, way ahead of its time.  Take each step, one at a time, take each experience, one at a time, and move on.  Today, no matter where you are, embrace the experience that is yours.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       Watching a movie is entertaining.  You enjoy, seeing the characters move, from one plot to another.  It is the same with reading a book, reading about the characters, moving from one plot to another.  You are the main character, in the movie, that is your life.  And as you walk through each scene, you are drawing words, from The Book of Wisdom, that has already been written.  Live your life, with active participation, in the experience that is yours.  Do not find your fulfillment, watching others experience.  Embrace that which is yours.  Live the experience that is yours.  Talk about living, the experience, that is yours.  Write about it.  Do, so that you are not passive, in this part, this piece, of your eternal lifetime.  Make it count.  Make it count for something that is uniquely yours.  Do not exchange your experience for observing another’s.  Embrace the experience of today.



      Do not waste your time, wondering, why other people do what they do, why another person says what they say.  This should not matter to you.  What should matter most, is what are you doing, from the inside out.  No matter what someone says to you, you can choose.  Do you respond in like, or do you permit, and allow, My love, that is, within you, to flow from you, blessing the entire situation?  Often, you will be tempted to react to something, someone said, or did.  Choose to love.  It will take some humility to put this into practice, many times, especially if you can concoct a witty retort, thus giving you the feeling of superiority, for a while, until they unsheathe their saber, and come back.  Then, you find yourself in a battle of wits, and words, meaning nothing, stoking the fires of ego, and arrogance, between two, or three, or four people, individuals.  It does nothing, but that.  Choose to love, no matter what is said, or done.  It appears, when you do this, that you take the lesser seat, but it is not true, in reality.  In reality, to those, who are willing to love, in the face of verbal combat, I give the first chair.  It might appear different, but it is true.  It is always best to let My love flow through, and resist, the temptation to go, into the arena of arrogance, and ego.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       The teaching to turn the other cheek, does not mean that you lay down and allow another to kick you, physically, or harm you, in any way.  When you have the opportunity to turn the other cheek, it very rarely has anything to do with the physical slap, or a punch.  It often has to do with what you might consider a verbal insult.  That is when we are talking about, turn the other cheek.  If you are willing to do this, when another is speaking to you, in a demeaning manner, if you will literally turn your cheek, you are turning your eyes, away from what they said, even though you are giving them your ear.  You hear it, but your eyes are elsewhere, your focus is elsewhere.  Your focus is on, “It stops with me.  I will not retaliate.”  You hear, and you know, but you turn, and let it all go to God.  It is that simple.  But you must practice.  Practice until it is a natural response, not a reaction.  It is done, with intention, and paying attention to The Ways of God.



      Be mindful not to let thank you become the empty two words.  You say it often, to those around you.  You say it often to Me.  Thank you.  But know what you are thankful for.  Complete the sentence.  “Thank you, for calling me today, and touching me, with your voice, and love.”  “Thank you, for helping me find the directions.”  “Thank you, for taking time to stop, and walk with me, a while.”  “Thank you, for your kind words.  I needed them today.”  Give thank you a reason for existing, even if it is small.  You drop something, a stranger, picks it up, and hands it to you.  And you say, “thank you.”  Extend it.  Thank you for taking the time to stop, and pick up, (whatever it was you dropped) and give it back to me.  You are honoring the giver in this way, more than the two words.  You are telling them why you are thankful.  And this will lead you to a state of gratitude, which remains upon your heart.  Know, and acknowledge, what another person did for you.  Acknowledge your dog.  “Thank you for being here for me.  I realize you are the one helping me.”  Speak to the dog.  Speak to the cat.  Speak to the tree.  “Thank you for being here.  You make it possible to breathe clean air.”  Speak to the rocks, with gratitude, upon your heart.  And let it be known why you are thankful.  This will lead you to a state of gratitude, which will change your life, immensely.  Speak it, so you know it.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       As you practice, saying, and speaking, of that which you are grateful for, teach your young ones to do the same.  You often teach them to say thank you, please.  But teach them to finish the sentence, because it begins their journey of gratitude, from a point of simply saying thank you to the place of expressing gratitude, and blessing another person, or another being, or another entity, or a mineral, anything of Mother Earth.  Thank the stars.  Thank the sun, and the moon.  But, speak it.



      The gifts, the spiritual gifts, you have been given, are as seeds.  You hold them, within you.  But when you decide to take them out, and use that, which has been given unto you, the seeds grow in value, as you hold the gifts, the seeds.  And when you begin to practice, using your gifts, it is as if you are planting these precious seeds, in the fertile garden, that is you.  And with attention, and intention, the seeds sprout, and the garden grows, and the fruits, from the gifts, are apparent, as you walk amongst your brothers and sisters.  And as you sit and speak with them, it is as if you are offering the fruits, of the gifts.  And when they accept the fruit, you have to offer, you have done that, which you are meant to do.  You have used your gift to feed others kindness, compassion, generosity.  When you spread these gifts, the fruits of the gifts are more valuable than you can imagine.  It holds its value.  It does not decrease in value.  Giving the gift, of the fruit of your gifts, is more precious than anything you can buy, because the seed, you chose to embrace, was raised-up in the garden of you, and you shared.  You ate from the fruits, and you passed the fruits out.  Feed the hungry.  So many long for a taste of love.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       Not every one can go to a store, and purchase a gift, that is very expensive, monetarily speaking.  It is limited to who can do that.  But there is not one person living, and breathing, upon the Earth, right now, that cannot pass the gift of love, and compassion, and understanding.  Seek to give the gift that lasts.  You cannot take shoes, or a coat, into The Kingdom, The Dimension of Perfection, you call Heaven.  But all the energy of love, and kindness, that is reverberating, in your spirit, goes with you.  It is a badge of what you have accomplished, while you walked upon the Earth.  And every person, upon the Earth, can do it.  All that is required is that you want to do it.




      When you are, within the waters of My love, you are moving over the Earth, held within The Divine Flow, wherein all eternity resides.  It is not separate from where you are, now.  Eternity is with you, now.  You are living a sacred piece of your eternal life, and it is glorious.  When you see every day, which comes to you, as a piece of your eternal existence, then things begin to change, in a mighty way, and you know I AM there, with you.  My love for you is buoying you as a dance of joy.  My breath is rejuvenating, lifting you up.  My touch is tender.  My words are sweet.  You are My love.  You are My child.  Even though you might be 50, 60, or 70 years old, you are still my beloved child.  I AM there for you.  Just as every good parent is there for their children, I, too, am there for you.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       Your very existence is a prayer.  Your every day is a prayer, unspoken, still present.  When you are in love with someone, it is not always necessary to speak the words.  Your eyes speak.  Your hands speak.  Your embrace speaks.  The things you do speak, of that, which is on your heart.  So, if you do not hear God speak, look around you.  Nature is speaking the words of God.  Let your eyes drink the beauty of the sunset, the sunrise.  Let your hands touch the grass, and rocks, and trees.  What do you hear?  How do you feel?  All creation is embracing you, in its presence, with you.  Look and see what nature does for you, as it is God, loving you, through nature.  When you do these things, God is speaking to you, and embracing you, doing so much for you.  Yet, you miss the embrace, the love, the touch, the fulfillment, if you do not stop to see, so you might know God’s presence with thee.



      Look into a mirror.  The reflection you see is the mirrored image of your physical DNA.  If you continue to look, into the mirrored reflection of your physical DNA, you will find you are looking for more.  You cannot see the more, but you know there is more.  And there is.  What you do not see, in the reflection, is your spiritual DNA.  You cannot see it, but it is there.  My image, your spiritual DNA, are one.  That is the one.  Just as your physical history is held, within the physical DNA, so too is your spiritual history held, within the spiritual DNA.  You cannot see it, but you can feel its presence, within you, and you know, it is there, within you.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

   Existence is often unseen.  Go there.