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      For there to be growth, there must be change.  Do not hold on to the present time with you, to the season in which you are living.  Experience the present, and then, let it go, because there is always another present, another present.  The present is always with you, and living in the present, experiencing the present, prepares you for tomorrow, when it will, once again, be the present piece of eternity, with you.  Do not hold on, but meet all that comes to you, with open arms, and open hands, so it flows over you, and through you.  And when it is time, it moves on, as you move on.  Experience your present piece of eternity, because it will be a memory, you carry with you, into eternity, forever.  You are in a time, right now, most of you, hearing, or reading, these words, that is autumn.  And this is time of great change.  The leaves begin to fall from the tree, but only after they have filled the air, with brightness, of being.  The colors call your eyes to see the brilliance, the hues, the depth, the richness, of autumn.  And the leaves fall, and continue to fall, each leaf experiencing the present: in the coloration, in the falling, in the change.  Embrace the present piece of eternity with you, and be willing to let it flow from you, so that the next will come to you, and continue to hold out your hand to accept, because the present piece of eternity will always be with you.  There will always be a present.  And that experience will be your memory.  And you can bring your memories back Home.  You cannot bring the clothing, you might be wearing, at the time.  You cannot bring jewelry, you might be wearing, at the time.  You cannot bring the house, in which you abide, at the time.  But you can bring those memories.  They fill your soul and spirit, and they are your treasures.  These are the treasures, that you are amassing, and gathering, during your time, upon the Earth.  Do not ignore the treasure.  Do not fail to store these treasures, seeking more to gather material things, which will mean nothing.  Take the time to experience the present, so you might bring the memory Home.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       For most of you, change can be difficult to accept.  It seems just as you get comfortable, where you are, it is time for a change.  But there is no growth without change.  Be willing to move, with the flow, of eternity.  Be willing to experience, and let go, because with this experience, your memory, will stay with you.  You cannot cling to that present piece, but you can store the memory, of the present peace you felt, in the experience.  It is time to recognize the true treasures of your time upon the Earth.




      “I AM with you.  Let the day begin, and let us walk into it, together, for I AM truly with you; and often you feel My presence with you, and it is comforting.  That is My intention, so that you never feel alone, no matter what the task before you.  No matter how many have fled from you, I AM with you.  You are never alone.                            


      “Most of you, hearing these words, or reading words, today, are experiencing a beautiful time, a season, upon the Earth, which you call autumn.  The colors are rich, and vibrant, and sides of hills, mountains, even down in the valleys take on an appearance much like that of a quilt, all different colors, coming together, a patchwork of yellows, and reds, and browns, and golds.  And that is with you, for a while, and then the leaves begin to fall, and you see change, taking place, right before your eyes.  The leaves, in all their beauty, do not cling to the tree, refusing to fall.  They accept the invitation, and float, in the air, like butterflies.  Sometimes, they catch you attention, as they swirl on a breeze, and at first, you might think they are a bird, or a flower, floating.  It is mesmerizing to watch the leaves falling, because they do look like beautiful flowers, and butterflies, and birds.

      “As you watch this change, taking place, it often is the opportunity to remember, the seasons, of a lifetime, upon Earth.  You see the seasons change, and play-out, before you, in nature.  And in most places, they are clearly marked:  the wintertime, which is dormant, peaceful; springtime, which is filled with promise; summer, when the air is filled with the aroma of flowers; and fall, while we see it all, cascading to the ground, but before it reaches the ground, riding upon the wind, in glory. 

       “Your lifetime, upon Earth, is the same story.  You arrive, as springtime, a baby, a child, an adolescent, always growing.  You cannot hold on to be the child.  You cannot stop, and stay, an adolescent.  You keep growing, because that is what eternity is all about, growing, embracing, accepting, and flowing.  You cannot hold yourself as a senior in high school, anymore than you can hold yourself as a college student, or a young person, seeking their first job.  You will not stay in that position because tomorrow is calling.  But while you are in the present, you have that experience to create memories, memories of each season of your life.  You cannot hold on to the tricycle.  You cannot hold on to the bicycle.  You cannot hold on to the vehicle, that became your mode of transportation.  But you can store-up the memories, of each experience, and that is your true treasure.  You can move into your new job.  You can accept congratulations, and promotions.  But eventually, there will come that time, which will become the present piece of eternity, for you, when you are retired, from your job, and another season begins.  And still, in this season you have memories, and you are creating more, from the experience you have.  But now, at this time, in your life, you have the wisdom and the experience to look back, and understand, what brought you to the present piece of eternity, and you can do so, with wisdom, and this wisdom is stored with your memories, as well, so your memories, and your wisdom, become as one treasure, which you will bring Home, with you, as you move through eternity, forever.  Celebrate each season of your life, and celebrate the memories, which are born of your experience.  Celebrate, it all, because it is adding to your treasure chest.  Experience.  Memories.  Wisdom.  Create them today, in the present piece of eternity that is with you, now.”



      Envision that there is a room, within your house, your home, that every time you are in need, you go to that room, you knock on the door, and the door opens.  You walk into the room, and you ask, and that which you need is given to you.  If you desire water for thirst, it is yours.  If you desire power, to turn on the lights, and cool the house, when it is warm, and warm the house, when it is cool, it is yours.  If you desire food, it is yours, for the asking.  And not only is the food yours, for the asking, but it is especially for you, designed to fit your taste, to fuel your body.  All that you ask, in that divine room, is given unto you.  If you can envision such a room, then you realize there is no need to go and purchase food from a store, or ask your friends, or family, for water, when you have none.  There is no need for you to go seeking, in the world, created by man, that which you need, when it is within the home, in which you dwell.  You need not envision such a room, because it is already yours.  Go within, and the promises will be fulfilled, but they will be fulfilled within.  Knock, on the door, and ask. 

And The Holy Spirit says:

       You are not using all that there is for you to use, because you have been taught to seek it, in the world, created by man.  Abundant life is yours, but you must go within, for: within is where you knock; within is where the door will open; within is where you must ask; within is where it shall be given unto you.  Do not ignore the treasure you carry, within.  It is yours.  Use it.



      My creation continues.  And all around you, you have examples of the continuation of creation.  You have examples of the present piece of eternity, with you, and how it flows out of yesterday, and there is creation in the present, which moves into tomorrow.  And it continues this way.  Creation, creating, create.  It continues.  On one side, of the Earth, there is night.  On the other side, of the Earth, there is day.  And in between, there are various times, marking night, day, sunset, sunrise, but it is all the present piece of eternity, and it continues.  You can see it happening.  In your imagination, if you could take the Earth, and spin it around, it would look like a procession, moving, moving the creation procession.  All around you are examples of creation continuing, and continuing within the present piece of eternity, that is with you.  That is where the seed is sown.  That is where the garment is mended and hemmed.  In the present piece of eternity is where creation is taking place.  You cannot create yesterday.  You cannot create tomorrow.  You can create in the present, drawing from the past, leading into tomorrow.  But creation takes place in the present piece of eternity, that is with you, now.  Look at the examples around you: one place night, one place day; one place cold, one place warm.  Pay attention.  Creation is happening within you, all around you, right now, at the present.  Nature is giving you clues, so that you might understand the mystery.  Pay attention to nature.  Pay attention to now. 

And The Holy Spirit says:

       One day, you can go to the store, and gather all the ingredients, to make a cake.  You can carry them home with you, put them on a shelf, in a cupboard.  You have these ingredients, which were purchased yesterday, in the past, but the ingredients, to do something, with that which you gathered, in the past, wait, until the present piece of eternity when you use, that which you gathered in the past, to create the cake, to bake the cake.  The cake is baked in the present piece of eternity.  And it can be eaten tomorrow.  Ponder this.




      If you sit, and watch, a river, or a stream, it is refreshing, just to be near it.  But when the light of the sun, falls upon the moving water, of the river, or the stream, it glistens, it is glorious, and it is radiant.  It is shimmering, and it is moving, and the light is enhancing its beauty.  Your body is mostly water.  When My Light falls upon you, you are radiant, more so than the sparkling river, or stream.  Stand in My Light today, and see the day unfold, as you are the radiant light.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Bodies of water can be, very interesting, mesmerizing.  But they are never more beautiful than when the light of the sun, falls upon them, and every ripple is enhanced, radiant, shining, and shimmering.  It is difficult to catch such beauty in a photograph, or even a painting, because the water is moving, living in the light, and it is a blessing to see it, to observe it.  Today, remember this, as your body of light moves over the Earth.  You are radiant light, because the water, that you carry, is in The Light of God.  You are more radiant than the glimmering, glistening, rivers, and streams.  The radiance of God will shine from you.  Stay in The Light of God so your body of water can be illuminated, a blessing for all you meet.




      Live, be, and do in the present piece of eternity that is with you.  This cannot be said enough.  It deserves repeating, and repeating, often, because there is great temptation to wander into the past, or to project yourself into the future.  The present piece of eternity is where you need to live.  It is the culmination of the past, and it is the preparation for the future.  The lessons of the past prepare you for the present piece of eternity; and that which you do, in the present piece of eternity, impacts the future.  The choices, you make now, are based on your past experiences, and will pave the road into tomorrow.  In your present piece of eternity always seek guidance and counsel.  Sit with Me.  Speak with My Holy Spirit.  Do what you need to do, in the present piece of eternity, to make the wisest choice.  And that can always be accomplished, when you seek guidance and counsel from My Holy Spirit within you.  Live, be, and do in the present piece of eternity that is with you.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       I was sent to dwell within each one of you so that you might know The Way.  Do not ignore My presence within you today.  I hold The Wisdom of Heaven, and it is yours.  Ask, and you shall receive it, and it will fill you so that you know exactly how to proceed, what choices to make, in the present piece of eternity that is with you.  When you stay in the present piece of eternity with you, you are really living, and you are living every second, every minute, every hour of the day, really living.  And when our communication is complete, when you know God, on a personal level, and seek the answers, to questions that are puzzling you, then you will have what is right for you, and every minute of the day can be that way, and you will be living fully, acknowledging what is happening in the world created by man, around you, but then resolving what issue coming to you at that moment, immediately, with Divine Wisdom.  And it will become a joy.  And each present piece of eternity with you, will be blessed with The Wisdom of God.  It is with you now.  Live, be, and do, now.




      My hands are large enough to take the hand of all the people in the world.  My arms are large enough to embrace all the people who come to Me, all the people in the world.  My heart is large enough to love all the people upon the Earth.  My wisdom is large enough to resolve all the issues of the world created by man.  The answer, to every empty hand, longing heart, desiring peace, is yours, for the asking, for the taking, for the embracing.  Come, and sit with Me.  Take My hand.  Be enfolded within My arms.  Let My heart touch you, and My wisdom flow into you, and you will be at peace, for you will know The Way.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       There are so many people, seeking answers, crying-out for help, for direction, for guidance.  Take the hand of God.  Walk into the arms of God.  Let the heart of God fill you, with promise, and the wisdom of God will be with you, will bring you comfort, will bring you peace, because you will know The Way, in the arms of God.