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      Do not allow the path you trod to be littered with debris of thought, word, and deed.  Let every thought you have, be a thought, to clear The Way, move the rocks, and the stones, and the obstacles, so that your passage will be made easier.  Let your thoughts create the path, and let it be smooth, and well swept, and tended.  And let the words, you pronounce, be the flowering bushes, and trees, and grasses.  Let the words you speak bring forth the birds, of the air, and the beautiful flowers, from the ground, and the squirrels, and all the creatures of Earth.  Let them line your path, so you might celebrate, God’s creation, as you walk, upon the Earth.  And let your deeds seal it, with this beautiful energy of doing for others, as you might have them do unto you.  Create your passageway.  Sweep the path, with your thoughts.  Plant the beauty of Earth with trees, and bushes, and flowers, and fill the sky with birds, and the trees with squirrels, with your words.  And let your deeds seal it all in golden light.  Let your passage, upon the Earth, be one of beauty, and celebration, of The Glory of God, because I AM with you.  I serve you.  I send to you, all you need, so take that which I give you, and plant the seeds of beauty everywhere you go.

And The Holy Spirit says:

      Your path is what you make it.  Your surroundings are how you make them.  And every day, and every night, is what you desire.  Your will power is more powerful than you know.  So today, practice.  Practice thoughts, sweeping clean your way.  Practice words, planting seeds of beauty, and summoning forth the animals, and the birds, of The Kingdom of God, all around you.  And let your deeds be the deeds of helping others, as you go.  Today, prepare The Way, so others might be excited to follow you, to grow in The Ways of God.







      When you find it difficult to love someone, remember, just as you are My child, they too are My child.  And I love them, no matter what they have done.  My mercy, I show unto them, as I show unto you.  My love, I give unto them, just as I give My love to you.  My compassion and understanding, I give unto them, just as I give unto you.  No matter what you have done, you are My daughter, or you are My son, and I love you.  Unconditionally, My love is yours.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       When in human form, you might find it difficult to love, unconditionally.  But unconditionally is how God loves, because God is love.  There is no restraining it, or holding, and denying it from some.  God is love, and love flows to all, without measurement, unconditionally, because God cannot be anything but love.  Let your heart be filled with love.  Open the doors of your heart so that God’s love just saturates your inner chambers.  and when you know that God’s love is unconditional for you, it will make it easier, for you, to do unto others, as God has done unto you.




      You might not know that there is a swarm of minute insects, in your path, until the light of the sun, catches it, falls upon it, in just the right way, and you see, and you know.  You might not be aware that there are minute insects, forming a colony, behind a piece of furniture, in your home, until you move the furniture, and clean, and know.  You might not know what is on the heart, of another person, until they profess their love for you, and tell you how much they care for you, and then you accept, and know.  I tell you I AM within you.  I tell you Heaven is near to you, and with you.  I tell you I send angels, and messengers, and messages to you.  I send signs to you.  I whisper, to you, and send The Holy Spirit to guide you through.  But you cannot know these things, until you embrace what I say to you, draw nearer to Me, so you might grow, in knowing My love, for you.  That which you know, helps you to grow.  And when you know Me, you grow in faith, and light, and love.  Do not walk blindly, into this new day.  See, and know.  Embrace, and grow.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       That which you do not know, still is.  That which you cannot see, still is.  But with faith, and trust, you will know, all there is to know.  And you will see, all there is to see.  These gifts, these knowings, these unseen things, are available for you.  Ask!  The Holy Spirit, Me, I was sent to live, to dwell within thee, so you would know these things, from within.  And when you know them from within, there is no doubt.  When you read them, in a book, or hear somebody else say these things to you, doubt could form, or at least the seed of doubt, could take root in your thoughts.  But when you know it, from within, when you see, from within, there is very rarely the doubt.  Be still, have faith, and you will know, and you will see, beyond doubt.




      Light follows you around, and is with you, because it is within you.  You were born of the light.  You do not have to seek, when it is within you, all those things around you, in the physical world.  The eternal light is within you.  Therefore, no matter where you go, there is the light.  And for those of you, who are willing to go inward, and sit with your light, and clean the debris from your light, you not only walk, and the light is with you, but you walk, and you are the light, because you are shining with such brightness.  And your light recognizes other light.  You cannot be in darkness, when you acknowledge, and embrace, your light, the light that is within you, the light that is you.  Seeking, even when you are afraid, those things of the physical world, will not bring you the fulfill-ness of the light that is within you.  Within you is the eternal light.  So, before you seek, in the physical world, an answer for the light, go within and ignite the light that is you.  It is your eternal light.  It will not fail you.  You will not stumble in darkness, when you know this, because in the process, of going within, you realize that you are the light.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Be still, and do not be afraid, or bear the burden of worry, and sorrow.  Take the time you spend in worry, and anxiety, and sorrow, to make the journey within, to sit, and meet with the light, within you, and let the light embrace you, and let your intentions be pure, so that your light is clean, and bright, because the light, within you, will show you The Way Home.




      Hear Me.  I AM Spirit, and I created you, therefore you are spirit.  Your soul does not die.  The time has come, when any, who will hear, and pay attention, will know, to connect with who you are, because then, you will be prepared, when the time comes, for your spirit, your soul, to ascend, into the Heavenly Dimension, which is right there with you, and shake the body of dust, and let it fall, so that you can rise-up, and continue your eternal journey.  You can connect with who you are.  And when you do so, the epiphany will strike, with an amazing trumpet sound, because then, you will know.  When you seek, to speak, with your spirit, your soul, the words, coming to you, will be different.  They will be songlike, ancient words.  They will not clatter, and be filled with clutter, of the worldly concerns.  You will be speaking, to your body, your physical body, and you will say such things, as: “fear not;” “be not afraid;” “we are eternal, the spirit, the soul is eternal.”  The physical body is a glove, a tool.  When you connect, with the spirit, that is you, you will not hear angry thoughts.  You will not hear meanspirited words.  You will hear such things, as: “bless those before you;” “respect those before you;” “see God’s creation, in the tree.”  Your words will not be debris.  They will be of great value.  Connect with who you are.

And The Holy Spirit says:

      Remember the words, which you have heard often, or possibly read.  God is Spirit, and those who desire to pay homage, to worship, God, must worship in spirit.  It is time, to talk, of these things, because there are many of you, upon the Earth, who are ready to hear this, who are ready to sing an eternal song.  But it will be challenging, and almost impossible, for you to do, if you continue to connect with your physical body, first, if you cling to the ways, and the values, of the world, created by man.  You must release that, and prepare to walk into a land, that is filled with opportunities.  Anything you wish to do, can be done, by the spirit, that is you.  Be aware of the change, of the shift, of the number of those, who are willing to lift themselves up, and move into this new time, filled with the spirit that they are.




      “I AM with you.  Rise-up and greet this new day.  You are upon the Earth, and your days are numbered, so greet the day, in a joyful way, and come, and walk, with Me, for I will point to things that you might see, but for walking with Me.                                          



      “Today, I wish to encourage you to connect, with who you are.  The time is drawing near, when those of Earth, who will hear the call, the summon, will begin to ascend, to a new plateau, where they see things from a different light, a different perspective, because they are releasing the importance, attached to the physical appearance, and going within, to meet themselves, to spend time with the spirit, the soul, to begin to see Earth, through the eyes of God, through the eyes of spirit. 

      “For any, who are willing to do this, the rewards are great.  Perhaps, you have thought, at some time, you have connected with your spirit, and you get advice, you get instruction.  But I AM asking you to sit with who you are, and look, and see the difference, coming from the spirit that is you, the soul that is you.  You will not hear clatter, in the words.  When you are still, and listen, the eternal you will say such things as: ‘be not afraid;’ ‘glory be to God, and blessings be upon the people of Earth;’ ‘respect those, who walk around you;’ ‘give your time, and compassion, to those crying around you.’  You will not hear judgment from the eternal you.  You will hear words of blessing, gratitude, and thanksgiving, which sound more like a song.  They will not be filled with the debris, shouted-out from the physical form, when tempted to anger, or hatred.  You will know the difference, when you take the time to meet yourself, in that sacred chamber, where soul and spirit live.  In this way, when it is time, for the change, for the return, the spirit, the soul, will be eager, to shake the physical form, and let it fall because it is an Earth experience, not intended to be forever.  It is temporary.  It is passing.  And the more you think about this, and pray about this, and seek the eternalness of you, the more you will come to understand, that this, is a piece, of your eternal lifetime.  It has value, but your physical body is not permanent.  It will fall from you.  And you do not have to wait until then for the real you to be revealed.  Meet the eternal you.  Speak with the soul that is you, today, and you will see Earth, the creation of God, in a sacred way, and you will meet the inhabitants of God’s creation, in a holy way, with respect and honor for the spirit, the eternal being, they truly are.”




      Know the power, held within every thought you have, because thought is the power of your creation.  Every thought, you create, changes the world.  Therefore, elevate your thoughts, so that your thoughts, that, created within your thought, moves into the world, as a blessing.  Lift-up the energy of the world, by lifting your thoughts.  Elevate your thoughts.  This sounds simple, almost too good to be true, yet it is true.  You can ascend, to a higher place, by creating, within your thought.  And when you are creating, within your thought, let it be sacred, and holy.  Practice this, with each person you meet, today, lift them up, within your thoughts.  See the potential of this.  Understand that you are bringing Heaven onto the Earth when you elevate your thought, creating compassion, understanding, generosity, kindness, love.  Create love, and you will bring light to the world around you.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       You can make a difference.  Ascending, into the realm, of peace, and light, and love is as easily accomplished as creating thoughts of peace, and light, and love.  You feel it.  Those around you feel it.  They feel it just as much as when your thoughts are of shadow and darkness, and a shroud falls upon you, and all round you.  Make it your intention to create, a sacred space, and live there, within your thought.  Live where you create.  Be there day, and night, creating love.  In this way you will counter darkness and shadow.  And the more you create the brighter, and the lighter, the world is all around you.  Know the power, of your thought, and elevate.