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Stories of Spirit

Sometimes, when you are quiet and still, silence enfolds you, and carries you to a place of serenity and peace.  If you ever find yourself in such a sacred space, listen, and you too might hear stories, riding upon The Wind, carried within each breeze, delivered to you by The Holy Spirit of God.  Often the whispered stories are especially for you, a beautiful message just for you, signs and lessons woven throughout the words of a story, or a poem, or a song.  Take yourself to a quiet place, be still, and listen.  The Wind is waiting to show you The Way!

We hope you enjoy the following Stories of Spirit… and return often to listen to…Voices from The Quiet Place.

The Little Boy and The Wind of Wisdom

Little Boy taught wisdom in the arms of The Wind (approximately 10 minutes)


The Little Girl and The Wind of Wisdom

Little Girl taught wisdom in the arms of The Wind (approximately 10 minutes)


The Stones of Lataho, Gifts of Spirit

Native American story of Spirit (approximately one hour)


The Shepherds of Bethlehem

The shepherds, visited by angels on the hillside, led to The Child Jesus (approximately 6 minutes)


The Time of Each Man

A band of riders approach the city, but their demands are not what is expected. (approximately 13 minutes)


The Life of Man

Man’s journey on the Earth (approximately 10 minutes)


The Warrior and The White Angel

There is magic, when the Warrior plays, and the White Angel sings; and, it is reality. (approximately 19 minutes)