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I wish for you to know me. Many of you know of me. You do not know me. You know of me much the same way that you know of a famous person. For a famous person is talked about and studied and followed. You know of them, but you do not know them—for you observe them from a distance. The same is true when it comes to me. Many of you know of me. You have heard of me; you have studied me, and you have read about me. But you have not taken the time to know me. When you truly know someone, you know their preferences, their likes and their dislikes. You know, often, what they are feeling and thinking in any given situation. You are intimately acquainted with them. This is what I desire for you. To know me, not just know of me.

And the Holy Spirit says:

To know someone, you must spend time with them, and you must interact with them. The same is true for God. To know him, you must spend time with him, and you must interact with him. It is a relationship. It grows over time as all relationships do when they are cultivated. I invite you to start today. Come. Sit down, and talk with me. Then rise up and be conscious of the fact that I accompany you throughout your day, and that you can talk with me about everything you are thinking, feeling, and experiencing throughout your day. When you do this, our relationship will grow, and you will truly know God.


Walk into this day being consciously aware that I AM with you. For I AM with you. I am always with you. I have told you, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.” So, wherever you go, I AM with you. You cannot go someplace where I am not. For I AM with you, and my presence is everywhere. So, today, know that you have a companion who is going with you. Whether you are walking, whether you are driving, whether you are sitting or flying, wherever you are, I AM with you. You are not alone. I accompany you.

And the Holy Spirit says:

When you feel lonely, when you feel all alone, talk to me. Talk to me for I AM with you and I am listening. You are not alone. We can have a relationship that is just as rich and deep and fulfilling as when you sit with a friend. Come and sit with me today. Feel my presence. Hear my voice. And know that you are not alone.


“I AM with you. I desire for you to celebrate your life. Celebrate the life that you are living. Celebrate that you have life, that you can be upon the Earth in the midst of creation, and that you can experience, love and light and laughter. I desire for you to experience the joy of life. You can begin to do this when you celebrate your life. So let us walk into this day celebrating life for it is a precious gift given to you. Celebrate it today.

“Your life was not meant to be lived in isolation. You were not meant to be all alone. That is why loneliness is so difficult. That is why loneliness robs you of your health and of your joy of life. For my Heavenly Father said, ‘It is not good for man to be alone’, and so he created a helper, a helpmate, for man so that mankind would not be alone.

“When you were born, you were born into a family. It took a mother and a father to create you. You were born to them and of them. You were set in this family so that you would not be alone. Your family was there to give you what you needed so that you could grow into adulthood, and then, replicate the process by starting a family of your own. You are most content and fulfilled when you operate within your family structure. When your family is harmonious and loving and supportive of one another, then you thrive. Then you are not lonely or alone, but are surrounded by others who love and care for you.

“The world you live in is not perfect. It is broken. As a result, families are broken and fractured. Marriages dissolve. People do not get along with one another. People do not love each other as I have commanded you to do. It is a free will choice, and so because it is a free will choice, it is not perfect in the world. When these things happen—when families fall apart, when marriages dissolve, when friendships splinter—loneliness can settle in your heart. Loneliness can begin to rob you of the joy of life.

“Today, if you find yourself in a lonely place, lift your head. Look to your Heavenly Father, look to me, and look to the Holy Spirit. For you are never alone. When I knew that my time upon the Earth was up and nearing its end, I knew that my disciples would be grieved. They would feel lonely because they would no longer have me with them. I told them that I was going to send a comforter, my Holy Spirit, to be with them always—to comfort them and to teach them and tell them all the things that I did not have the time to do while I was on the Earth. The same is true today. My Holy Spirit is with you. You are not alone.

“Sit and commune with the Holy Spirit, with me, and your Heavenly Father. Feel our presence, and allow us to wipe away your loneliness and give you back the joy of life.”


You hold many plans in your head and in your heart. These plans are good for there is much you wish to do and accomplish. Some of these plans are exactly what I wish for you to do with your time upon the Earth. Other of these plans distract you from that which you were created to do. Before you run ahead and put a plan into motion, seek my guidance. Ask me if the plan that you hold lines up with my plan, with the will of God. When you ask, I will answer. When you receive the answer, then you will know what you need to do to walk out the purpose for which you were created and to fulfill your calling.

And the Holy Spirit says:

Each of you upon the Earth has a purpose, a plan, which was designed before your birth. Each of you has free will. You may choose to create your own plan for your life, and walk in that—or, you may choose the divine path. The path that God has created so that you may carry out the purpose for your time upon the Earth. When you walk in the divine plan, you are fulfilled, and you are satisfied, and you are content. Seek this plan today. Walk with God.


Busyness saps your strength. Busyness takes your energy. You must take time to renew your body, your mind, and your spirit. Rest is found in quiet. Quiet your mind, quiet your body, and quiet your spirit. Rest and be renewed. But you must lay aside your busyness—your busyness of mind, your busyness of body, and your busyness of spirit. Sit or lie in quiet and silence, and allow my presence to renew and restore you.

And the Holy Spirit says:

When you are in a hurry, when you are too busy, you cannot know me or hear me for you are distracted by all the things in the physical world around you. I am not physical, I am spirit. To know me, you must sit, be still, and tune into your spirit. Then, you will hear from me. Then, you will feel my presence. Then, you will be renewed and restored. Come today and sit with me.


Those who desire to do my will and walk out their purpose upon the Earth receive instructions from me. I send instructions through signs, through dreams, through visions, and through my Holy Spirit within you who whispers words of wisdom, words of knowledge, words of instruction. When you receive these messages, do not delay in following the instructions. Do not ignore the instructions. Do not doubt. For I am guiding and directing your path. When you hear the whispers, when you attune to the nudges, when you pay attention to the signs, and do that which you are being instructed to do, then you will feel joy and satisfaction—for you will be walking in the will of your Heavenly Father and completing the mission of your life.

And the Holy Spirit says:

Pay attention. Pay attention. I AM speaking. Do not ignore my voice. Do not discount my voice. The instructions are good. The instructions are helpful. The instructions bring life and love upon the Earth. Listen. Do as you are instructed, and receive the blessing that comes from walking in The Way.


There are times when you will feel that I am silent. You will think that the heavens have been shut to you for you cannot hear my voice. I am not silent. I am always communicating with my creation. When you are unable to hear from me, when you feel that the heavens are shut to you, know that I have not turned my back on you. The block in the flow of communication from me to you is not me. The block is not on my end. When you feel that I am silent, it is time to examine your heart. Examine your life. See if you are hanging on to something that is getting in the way of you hearing my voice. Then, when that thing is revealed to you, that thing in your life that is blocking the flow of communication from me to you, remove it. Remove it. Cast it away. Then, come and sit with me, and you will, again, hear my voice speaking to you.

And the Holy Spirit says:

God is a God of promises. He keeps his promises. He has told you, “Ask and you will receive. Seek and you will find. Knock and the door will be opened to you.” He will do this for you.