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      “I AM with you.  I AM calling.  Let us walk, into this day.  Look around, and see The Glory, that is with us, today.  Come.  Let us walk, and sit, and talk.  The Glory of God is with us, today.         



      “Rest.  As you grow weary, rest.  And then, when you rise-up, feeling rejuvenated, and renewed, remember what I say to you, today.  Even though the road be long, ahead of you, even though the road takes you up the mountain, and down into the valleys, and wind around rivers and streams, there is no need to hurry.  You can take your journey, upon the Earth, at a leisurely pace.  Do not let others push you, or prod you, to have you moving, as if it is a race, of some type.  It is not.  Slow down, so that you will not grow weary, and absorb every experience available to you, along The Way.  Sit, and rest, and watch the turtle.  Sit, and rest, and watch the bees.  Sit, and rest, and recall your story.  Do not hurry.  Celebrate, The Glory of God, as you walk along The Way, as you make your mark, as you take your Earth journey.

      “There seems to be the thought, amongst those living on Earth today, that you can do multiple things, at the same time, and you can keep moving forward, and pressing forward, and you can keep all these balls, in the air, juggling them.  But there will come a day, when you are so enthralled in the balls, that you have in the air, that you do not notice the obstacle at your feet.  And when you tumble, and fall, the balls crash down upon you.  And often, it is all you can do, to get back up.  Do not let the chores of the day distract you from The Glory of God, all around you.  Do one thing at a time, so you can bless it, so you can nurture it, so that when that creation comes from you, it is a fitting gift to The Creator of All Things, because you are a co-creator with God.  So, do not diminish, what you are creating, by creating five or six different things, at the same time, because, they will be creations, but they will not be compleat.  Focus on what you are doing, at the time, and move along the path, unhurried, and you will be less worried; and you will not grow weary, doing one thing at a time.

      “Focus on the journey that is yours.  It is a blessing.  It is a gift.  Do not diminish it by ignoring it.  Take the time, to look around, and see the beauty, that is The Glory of God, with you, right now, today.”







      All that I created is sacred.  The Earth, beneath your feet, the soil, the dust, the rocks, the sand, it is all sacred.  Mother Earth, My creation, is sacred.  She honors this sacredness, by all that you see around you, in nature.  And even when it is covered up, with tar and concrete, you see a blade of grass, pushed up through a crack, at your fee.  You see the birds flying above you, and around you.  You inhale the beauty, of the aroma, of the flowers, and the vines, and the vegetables, growing in the gardens.  You are aware of it.  But, most often, not the sacredness of it.  If you move closer, to this comprehension, it is not far behind, that process, that you realize, and accept, the sacredness of you.  And then, realization brings to reality, the sacredness, of your thoughts, your words, and all you do.  Bless your thoughts, your words, and all you do, by acknowledging the sacredness, within you, because I put it there.  You are sacred.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       All of God’s creation sings, sings of creation, in a noble way.  And the songs of creation, of nature, are often imitated, in the musical creations, of the human being, with the heart.  And the music is most beautiful, when it is in harmony, with the song of nature, because, at that point, the human being, is singing from the heart, and joining the trees, and the rocks, and the rills, and the rivers, and the oceans.  And The Song of Creation rises-up, from the Earth, and floats in the heavens, and all dimensions.  And all residing in those dimensions pause, so they might hear, those of Earth sing The Song of Creation.



      Do not accept the seeds of doubt others might try to give you, try to encourage you to sew in your garden.  And if the seeds of doubt are sewn in your garden, by another, through chance, or careless conversation, gather them out, immediately.  Pull them to the side.  Cast them away.  For the seeds, of doubt, will grow quickly, and they will grow into frustration, and worry, and they will hold you in place.  They will grow so quickly that, even when you try to avoid them, they will be as a tangled thicket, which is difficult to beat down, or pull out.  And these seeds of doubt will keep you from accomplishing all that you are meant to do, all that you are capable, and able, of doing.  Do not accept the seeds of doubt, even when offered with a smile, and a friendly gesture.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       The seeds of doubt, once accepted in the fertile soil of one’s garden, grow quickly.  Overnight they spring up.  They choke out the seeds of compassion and forgiveness, that are flowering beautifully, and the garden, almost overnight, is a tangled web of doubt.  Do not think that doubt is powerless.  The word, almost, seems powerless.  But it is powerful.  And without force, without anger, or fighting, or hatred, this power of doubt, can choke you, and all you are meant to do, fully, choke you out.  And it is often given with a smile, or a hug, or encouragement.  Reject it.  Avoid it.  Do not let the seeds of doubt strangle you, or your mission, or your journey, upon the Earth.





      Be still, be quiet, so that, when I whisper your name, you hear Me.  You are prepared to hear Me, in the quiet, for much is spoken, within silence.  It is the language of the heart, and it is beautiful, compelling, and powerful.  But you are not able to take part in this silent conversation, if you are not still, and quiet.  I AM with you.  Hear Me.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       It is a pleasant experience to feel the brush of a gentle breeze on a summer day.  And if you look at the trees around you, you will see that as the breeze moves through them, some leaves move slightly, others appear as if they are waving, while still others are not moved, by the breeze, at all.  And that is The Way it is with Spirit.  I AM The Wind, and I move.  And, just as I move through the trees, and some are touched, and some are not, so it is with you, and those around you.  Feel My Presence, and be moved, by My ways.  Be still, and you will feel Me, more.  Be quiet, and you will hear Me, more.  Open, and you will know The Way to go, because I will show you The Way to go.



      You are familiar with the face you see in the mirror.  You are familiar with the shape of the body you see, as you pass by a storefront, with glass.  You are familiar with your physical presence, and you believe that is you, most of the time.  But today, I tell you, the face in the mirror, the body shape, reflected in the glass of a storefront, is not you.  It is the garment that you are wearing, over the spirit, that is you, so that you might have an Earth experience, for a while.  It is time to get familiar with the spirit, within you, that is the eternal you, the forever you, the powerful you.  That which your body cannot do, your physical body cannot do, the spirit, that is you, can do, because you are spirit, and you are from Me, and your spirit body is energy and light.  Become familiar with the eternal you, the powerful you, the you, of My spirit and My light.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       When you assume that your physical presence is you, you also assume the limitations, of the physical presence, that is you; but when you come to know the eternal being, the spirit, within the garment of Earth, that is you, you find there are no boundaries, and no limitations to what you can do, because you are of God, your spirit comes from G od.  It is energy and light, and it is of the Heavenly Dimension.  Your physical body can hold you in place, because of limitations.  But the real you, the eternal you, has no limitation.  Today, begin to go inward, and introduce yourself to the eternal being, that is you, because the physical you will not go on into eternity.  The spirit, that is you, will live forever, in eternity.  See your body as a garment, a dress, a suit, which can be removed, revealing the real, eternal, authentic you.




      Know you have the power to make the change, for the better, to bring light, where there is darkness and shadow.  You can change, misery and pain, by touching someone, with compassion and understanding.  You can change, rejection, and loneliness, by touching someone, with kindness and love.  You can change, fear, and doubt, and anxiety, by touching someone, with truth and wisdom.  And every time these gifts are passed, by you, to another, you too are blessed because you cannot give what you do not have.  You have all that I AM, within you.  And the more you give, of that which I give to you, the more you are fulfilled, through the giving.  Give, and live, completely.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       There are those who need food.  There are those who need shelter.  There are those who need conversation.  But often, in their need, they are pushed aside, or ignored, or blamed.  Do not fall victim to this harshness.  Do not let your heart be hardened, give.  Sometimes you will not be asked, but The Spirit will ask you to fulfill a need, even before you are asked.  And that is the time to rise-up, and give, so you might live, completely.






      Know I love you, without any condition, without any prohibition.  I love you, just as you are.  You are not unworthy.  If you shrink, away from My love, because you believe, you are unworthy, then, you are listening, to the spirits of darkness and shadow, tempting you away from Me, so they can have control of thee.  Cast these spirits, away from you, because they are lying to you.  It is to their benefit for you to believe you are unworthy.  And I tell you, you are worthy of My love, and My light, My peace, My strength, My courage.  Close your ears, to the spirits, who do not wish you to hear this, and believe this, and know this.  Close your ears, to the people around you, who tell you, you are worthless, and that you have done so many things wrong God cannot forgive you, or love you, because, when they are speaking, such things, they are speaking the words of demons of doubt.  Cast them away from you.  Walk away, and walk into My arms, because I love you.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Come. all seekers of peace, and happiness, and joy.  Come. all seekers of calm.  Come. all seekers of tranquility, and serenity.  Come, and sit with Me, and I will whisper, so that you might sing The Song of God, and sing of God’s love, for all creation, which includes thee.