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      In the beginning, when there was the creation of Heaven and Earth, and My Spirit was hovering, over the waters, creation was already continuing, pulsing, moving, gaining speed, transforming, and there was also a transition happening, even then.  Energy, once created, has no end.  And, so, as you look, and you see, now, all around you, in people, and nature, all of nature, you are looking, and seeing, the transformation of the creation, from its point of creation, until where you are now, in your present piece of eternity.  It is magnificent in its inception.  And so are you.  Your thoughts, your words, your deeds, are creative expressions.  And you are creating energy, which moves from you, and continues.  It does not stop.  It does not end.  It becomes a part of the moving, and the bend of creation.  Light, there is the light.  Energy, the energy of creation.  And you are living, within it.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       To grasp a piece, of understanding, of the magnificence, of the continuation of creation, take yourself to a quiet place, any place, out in nature, that is secluded, in a room, in your home, where no one will disturb you.  Behind closed doors, sit.  Close your eyes and see.  Breathe deeply, and you will feel creation, moving, within you.  And soon, all around you, is a moving stream.  It touches your skin, as a gentle breeze.  But it is, with you.  And you, are within, The Creation of God.




      When you feel the stirring, within you, when you hear My calling you, be still, and be not afraid, for when I call, you are ready for the call.  And at that calling, we will go within, and we will talk, and you will understand, that which I AM asking you to do.  That which I ask, of each of you, is unique, to each of you.  It calls upon you to use The Gifts of Spirit, that you hold, within you.  Do not hesitate, thinking you are ill-prepared, because when I call, you are ready.  And when you answer, you will be filled with The Spirit, and you will go forth, and do that mission, that is yours to do, with My hand, and blessing, and grace, and mercy, over you, and within you, and around you, until your mission is through.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       There is no doubt, when there is a stirring, within you.  But it is possible, to push it aside.  There is no doubt when you hear God calling you.  But it is possible, to push it aside.  And as you push the stirrings, and the callings, aside, you busy yourself, and distract yourself, in the ways of the world.  But still, that stirring is present, and so is the calling.  You can deny it, for a while.  You can use your free will, and deny it, completely.  But the only one diminished, in such a decision, is you, because you have not had the glorious experience of doing that which you are meant to do, while you are walking, upon the Earth.  And this is true.  The calling moves you, into an experience of Heaven, and Earth, all at one time, using that of Heaven, to accomplish good, upon the Earth.  Be still, and quiet, and do not hesitate, when the calling is from, within you.



      You are spirit, incarnate, spirit, wearing a body of flesh.  Your eternal life is not confined to your life upon Earth.  Life upon Earth is just a piece, a very small piece, of your eternal life.  It is the spirit that is, within you, that lives forever.  I have also sent My Holy Spirit to dwell, within you.  The spirit is the holder of wisdom.  Now, you can, with your body of flesh, see, and learn, and gather knowledge, of the world around you.  But, knowing many things, this knowledge, is not wisdom.  So, do not confuse the two.  Wisdom comes from within.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       When you grasp, even a piece of the truth, that you are an eternal being, that you live forever, that the time, in a body, is limited, it does not take long, for you to wonder about your life of spirit.  And this wondering, will lead you to a wisdom.  What did you know before?  It is, within you.  You have The Wisdom of God, within you.  But you must follow it, bit, by bit, by bit, into a time, when you were fully spirit.  For, you will return to that state.  And you will find that, that state is a place of wisdom, and glory.  But you have been given Gifts of Spirit to help you in your earthly journey.  This, is why, you have these gifts.  This, is why, I AM, within you, so you might tackle the questions, of the day, in the world, around you, using The Wisdom of God, which is found, within you.  And this is how your journey will be uniquely your own, using The Gifts of Spirit, to show The Way.  You have all you need.  And this experience of spirit, and body of flesh, is a unique experience, in your eternal life.  So, the prompting is, use everything you are given to assist your earthly journey.  Use it.  Do not rely so much on what others tell you, but more what I AM whispering to you, from within.  For, I have been sent to you, to bring you comfort, to bring you counsel, and to be your Advocate.




      Listen.  Listen to what I AM saying to you.  I AM sharing My ways with you, prompting you, in the quiet way, to change your perspective, so you might see, anew, that which surrounds you.  See all things, all people, as creations of My love, even the most challenging things and people.  You know I love you.  Now, broaden your knowing, to include the knowing, that I love all things, all people, created by Me.  I have not created that which I cannot love.  I love all My creations equally, tenderly, and unconditionally.

And The Holy Spirit says:

      There will be times when you are tempted to think that certain people are not deserving of the love of God.  Resist this temptation, because it is not true.  Every person, upon the Earth, is greatly loved, unconditionally loved, by God.  There is wisdom in knowing this to be true.





      “I AM with you.  Joyfully, and lovingly, I AM with you.  Do not forget this truth.  And this truth is not just for you.  It is truth for all people.  To know this is to be the holder of wisdom.  For, knowing this will alter your perspective of others, for the better.    


      “When I walked upon the Earth, I spoke of love.  My teaching was to love one another, as I have loved you.  This teaching continues today.  I did not then, nor do I now, love some, while excluding others, from My love.  This is what I have asked of you.  Love others, as you are loved by Me.

      “I do not say love one another as your parents love you.  I do not say love one another as your best friend loves you.  This type of love can be out of balance, unequal, deceptive, even.  My love for you is pure, and equal, in all ways.  It is the love of God, flowing through Me, which is poured out upon all.  It is as if it is a fountain, a never ending flow, and the flow is not wider, for some, or more narrow, for others. 

      “Imagine you have a glass filled with water.  What is in the glass?  Water!  The glass is filled with water, and it is for all.  God is love; therefore, I AM love.  God does not have to try to love, because God is love.  And because God is love, I too am love.  We do not have to try to love, because that is what we are.  We are love.  Just as you do not have to try to be you, God does not have to try to love.  God is love.  And when you allow yourself to be the authentic you, the you, at the core of your being, you will find that you, too, are love.  God created you in love, and from God’s love you sprang forth.  It is possible to cover this natural state with that which you create, using the energies of fear, doubt, anger, etc.  Still, no matter how much your pile onto the love, at the core of your being, it does not go away.  It is always there, within you, and it is there, to stay.  The truth is, you too, are love.”



      The directions, for the right way, for you, will come, from within.  Do not bend your way, out of shape, to follow, the way, of others.  Be still and quiet.  Listen.  Your personal direction will come, from within, and it will be The Way, for you.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Within each of you are directions, instructions, to show you The Way.  That is why I have been sent, to dwell, within each of you, so you will always know The Way.  But to walk The Way is your choice.  You will never be forced to follow The Way.  Following The Way is a choice you make, using your free will, to flow, within The Divine Will of God.  All nature flows, within The Divine Will of God, it is so in its inception.  But you must choose.  You have been given the gift of free will, so you might choose.  And once the choice is made, to flow, within the Divine Will of God, your life, your eternal life, changes.  You ride upon The Wind.  You float, within The Sea of God’s Love.



      I wish for you to know the ways of quiet, and stillness.  And when I say the ways of quiet and stillness, I AM addressing, that which you carry within you, the quiet, and stillness of peace.  The outside world will give you much stimulation, and distract you, and draw you into worry, and concern, and anxiety.  Your inner world, the spirit that is you, within your body, calls you to a quiet stillness, that brings you to peace because, there, within, is where you sit with Me.  And, sitting with Me, will bring you wisdom.  And all the worries, of the world, swirling around you, will be diminished, will go away, when you sit, we talk, and we pray.  That is the eternal world, that you carry, within you.  It is the world that is the authentic you.  Heaven is near to you.  Heaven is with you.  Heaven is within you.  My Spirit is within you.  All the answers you seek are within, and therein, is where you find peace.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       It is possible to walk, through the world created by man, with all its distractions, and noise, and know, that you can be at peace, and feel a tranquil calm, within you.  But this takes practice to do.  Set aside some time to develop, the inner you, in stillness, and quiet.  Do not fill your inner self with worry, concern, anxiety.  When you go within, you will feel, My presence, with you, and it will calm you, and there will be comfort, when We are together.  That is why I AM, with you, to be your Comfort, your Counselor, your Advocate.  This is how you can establish peace, within.  Come, sit with Me, and let us begin, to know, the ways of quiet, stillness within.