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April 27, 2022


      When the power goes out, in your home, and the rooms grow dark, you light a candle, and you can see, in its light.  When you are planning a special meal, you light candles, on the table.  The flickering candles show the light of your love, as you share a meal, and maybe more.  When someone you love goes before you, passing back through the veil, you light a candle, in their memory, and whisper their name.  The signal, flashing from a lighthouse, guides those who are lost, on the sea, to safety, and peace.  Even the smallest candle brings forth the light to chase the shadow, and darkness away.  You are as a candle, and, at the core of your being, there is the flame.  The flame, from within you, will chase every shadow, and darkness, away.  Be My Light, unto the world.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       The light, from a candle, holds importance, and meaning.  From culture to culture, the meaning might vary, but it is still the same light.  It is a welcoming light, a light, shining in a window, so others might know there is a space, with an open door.  Just like the light, in the window, which flickers and flames, promises warmth and caring, so do you, when you walk, in My Light.  When there is darkness or shadow, pay attention to your inner light, because that is where you will find peace, and that peace you can share with the world.  Be the light, in the window.  Be the light, on the table, Be the light, in the darkness.  Be the light, flickering in a church, or a chapel, or a home.  Be the light, leading the lost home to comfort.  Be The Light, of the world.