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April 29, 2022



      When you decide it is time to clean out a closet, you pull everything out of the closet, and spread it around on the floors, tables, and sometimes, the bed.  When the closet is empty you begin putting things back, into the closet.  Somethings you discard, because they serve no useful purpose.  During the process, there appears to be chaos, until you put things back, into the closet, in an orderly way.  In this case, you have created what appears to be chaos, to bring order, to the closet.  There was purpose.  There are other times, when chaos, rolls rampant, around you.  And the winds, of this chaos spread, seeds of confusion.  This is the time to step away, go within, remember the closet, open the bin, pull out everything that is not of value to you, such as doubts, concerns, pettiness, anxiety, envy, fear.  Once the inner work is done, rise-up.  You have brought order, to your inner being.  The chaos, and confusion might still be circling, you see it, but it has no impact on you, because you are free, of the debris, within.  There are times upon the Earth when it is important to know the difference between, the creation of, what appears to be, chaos, to bring order; or, chaotic pandemonium, which causes confusion.  This, My son, My daughter, is a good lesson to know.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Practice discernment, when faced with, what appears to be, chaos.  Watch, quietly, to see if order comes forth, from what appeared to be, chaos. If order is brought forth, see it.  When chaos is created to bring about turmoil, and mayhem, you will not see order, at all.  You will see confusion.  This type of chaos will rage until it consumes itself.  Know the difference, and see, it.


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