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April 3, 2023

There are many things, items, objects, which you use every day, shoes, books, clothing.  You have either made these things, or bought, these things.  They have been manufactured, made by the hands of human beings.  And they can be utilitarian.  They can be luxurious.  You can bake a cake, and feed, those around you, and bring them great joy.  These things you do, with the objects you create, and make, and manufacture, all have to do with the world around you.  And it is good.  But you cannot manufacture, compassion, love, joy.  These things, these emotions, these energies, are created, within you.  The wonderful sacred land, within you, is where you create compassion, and kindness, and love, and joy.  You cannot see these things, as you do a shoe, or a book.  You see the result, of the creation, within, through the expression of the creator.  You see the exhibition of love.  But first, it had to be created, within.  You cannot manufacture love.  It is an energy created, within.  You can see the expression of love, coming forth, from the one who has created it, within.  You can see the expression of joy, from the one who created it, within.  These vital energies all are created, within.  Go within.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       It is a glorious day, when you realize, and embrace, the truth that the essential things are unseen, but for the expression, of the creation, by the one who created it, within.  The utilitarian things that you buy, or make, are useful, in the world, around you, such as clothing, and food, and books.  But the essence, of life is an unseen energy, created within, each of you.  You have the ability, and the opportunity, to create, within, and then show your expression of joy, and love, and kindness, compassion.  Whatever you have created, within, express it, so that others too might see, and know, the love, and kindness, and compassion, through what you say, and do.  Go within.






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