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April 5, 2023



      It can seem a long journey, that lifetime you are living, upon Earth.  And at times, along that path, you feel lost, and alone, even as you look around, and see hundreds of people, walking next to you, and ahead of you, behind you, all moving in a flow, yet you feel, there is no place, that you can go, to find peace.  In these times, of shadow, step away from the crowd.  Go to a place, where you can find sanctuary, in solitude, and enter the corridor of your inner being, because that is where you will find Me, waiting for you.  And we will speak, and I will whisper, and you will know, exactly what to do.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       It is easy to get caught-up in fears, and anxiety, worries, and concerns.  And the more you step into those energies, it is as if you are weaving a web.  And the web holds you there, and attracts debris, floating in the air; and, you are stuck, in place.  If you find yourself, dwelling, in the web of despair, be still, whisper My name.  Do not surrender to shadow, and darkness.  I will lead you in the ways of The Wisdom of God.  And, as we converse, and touch, and know, that web of despair, melts, and falls away, in the clean air, all around you.  And you are free, you and Me, to take the rest of the day, and sing the song of glory.  Do not hesitate to free yourself.  Speak, and it shall be done.  It is the same as: seek, and ye shall find; knock, and the door will be opened for you.  All you have to do is seek, and you will know.