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August 3, 2023



          Listen patiently to what others around you are saying.  Study their words, reviewing them with Me as your teacher.  Do not feel compelled to respond, quickly.  Do not be compelled to react, defensively.  Be still, reviewing with Me, so you might understand and know where your heart is leading you.  From within your heart, and within My guidance, you will know your own heart, and the direction in which to go.  Reacting rarely creates the atmosphere you are seeking.  And your response is rarely what is being sought.  Be still and listen, and you will know the heart of others.

And The Holy Spirit says:

           Listen, to the pleas of others, so you might know, that, which they seek.  Do not interrupt, outlining that, which you think.   Be still.  Listen and you will know the heart of others.  Doing so will serve you well.