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Beyond Epiphany



What do we do after experiencing an epiphany? 


After the shepherds saw angels, saw The Child, they returned to the fields, they resumed their daily activities.  The visitation of the angels, and going to see The Child, changed their lives, marking them, indelibly, with a touch of Heaven.  The Magi watched for the signs, and when the star appeared, they followed, and were led to The Child.  But once it was accomplished, they too returned to their country and resumed their daily activities, but their lives were altered forever, as they too were touched by Heaven.  And it is the same with all those who were a part of The Incarnation, including Mary and Joseph.  Once it was accomplished, they quietly resumed their daily lives, with one exception.  Something was different, powerfully different.  They were each one more open to the ways of Heaven.  Visions, and visitations, angels, messages, and dreams continued to play a significant part in their daily lives.  With each encounter they slipped more securely into the ways of Heaven, while walking upon Earth.  So, I thought, well, we do the same thing, even today.  Whenever a miraculous event occurs in our lives, once it is accomplished, we return to our daily activities.  And, just like those participating in The Incarnation, while we resume our ways, our ways are different, changed forever.  And with every encounter with the divine we are more willing to open to the ways of Heaven, to the ways of God.  We begin remembering, and the memories are no longer fleeting.  They live within us, as we make our way open, eager, vigilant.