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December 1, 2022



      You are growing weary, and tired, and it is because you are laboring under a false assumption.  And that false assumption is that your strength is within you, it is you: you must be strong; you must shoulder each task, each concern.  Your strength, your true strength, is within Me.  If you will set aside ego, and allow My strength to permeate your body, soul, and spirit, you will rise-up, in a new light, understanding how it is true that you can do all, that you are meant to do.  And it is because we are working together.  Let My strength become yours.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       Somewhere in time, you embraced the idea, that, if you are strong, and do all that comes to you, it will be pleasing to God.  But, this way, this way, of operating, is making you weary, and you are becoming weaker, because you are shouldering it all.  All you need do is to sit back, and embrace, the strength of God.  See where your strength lies.  It is not in your will power.  It is in the power of God, within you.  That is why it is so powerful to say, “Thy will be done,” because in that simple statement you are, surrendering to The Divine Flow, permitting it to take you wherever you need to go, leaving on the banks, way behind, all those tasks, and chores, that cluttered your mind.  Listen, and embrace.  Embrace the strength of God, and let it take you, where you are meant to go, to do that, which you are meant to do, and to do so, with God.