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December 17, 2023


          Those you love are on their own spiritual journey.  And when times are difficult for those you love, when they encounter obstacles along the path, it can be difficult for you, as well, because you love them, and you do not want to see them fall, or fail, in any way.  But it is just because you love them that I ask you to stand by them when the air is stirred with chaos, confusion, tumultuous feelings.  Standing by, supporting their efforts, does not mean resolving the issues for them.  It means being there to encourage their every step, so they know they are not alone.  That is what I do, for you.  Your Earth adventure is a string of events, which come to you, and which are yours to do.  I provided all you need to accomplish the goal.  These gifts are within you. You cannot lose your gifts, nor can they be taken from you, by another.  I have sent you forth to see, and know, and shine in the doing of that which is yours to do.  But your mission is not Mine to do.  What I shall do is walk every step of The Way, with you, and that is exactly what you are to do for those you love.  Do not take away the glory and nobility of their mission by taking things into your own hands.  Be with them as I AM with you.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

           Seeing the challenges along The Way as a series of lessons you are to learn, so they might aid you on your mission, opens your eyes to clarity of vision.  So you are not taking the grand journey alone, I have been sent to dwell, within thee, so you might know The Way.  Remember Me when times of struggle tend to cloud the path.  And remember that I AM within each of thee to comfort, support, guide, to lead you through night and day.  Come sit with Me, today.  Together we shall forge The Way.