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December 18, 2023


          Hear Me, for I know your worries.  Hear Me, for I know your strengths.  Pay attention, and you will soon see, and know, that no matter what you face, you have the antidote, you have the cure, for it has been placed, within you, by My Hand.  As you mature, along the path, this you will recognize, and come to know, that whatever is required from you, it will be there, with you, for I planned it so.  Be still, I know your worries.  Be still, I have endowed you with great strengths.  So, rise-up and meet it, and it shall fall away.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

           Will you see?  Will you hear?  If you will be still and quiet, that which is within you shall be known by you.  And at that moment of recognition, all fear and doubt shall melt away, because God has planned it that way.  You have all you need to shine in the hour of your need.  Rise, and shine, and all things plaguing you shall fall, and fade, and melt away.  And you shall stand in the light of a new day.