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December 19, 2023


          Rest, when you are in need of rest.  Work, when there is work to be done.  Walk, in the sun when the sun doth shine.  Welcome the rain, seeing the cleaning, cleansing, aspect of it.  Hold still, when the wind does blow, as it distributes that which it gathers.  Dance, when joy fills the air.  Eat and drink, at the celebration.  Console another, with wise guidance, compassion, and love.  Take refuge, from within, while sitting with My Spirit, within thee.  Love, with your whole being, when you are given the opportunity to do so.  Life is to be cherished, celebrated, respected, and honored.  Do so, as it is your lifetime upon Earth, and it is glorious, in all its aspects.  You will know it as such, when you are willing to open your eyes, and see it all as an amazing adventure, waiting in front of thee.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

           Live in the present piece of eternity, with you.  Live with your whole being.  This is your opportunity to live, as spirit, and as a human being, simultaneously.  Amazing as it is, many miss the wonder of it, because they will not be quiet, and hear Me, they will not be still and know Me, nor hold that which I say unto them, as the wisdom it is.  Be quiet, be still, and hear Me.