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December 22, 2023



          There is a place to go when you are grieving for what might have been, grieving for that which was.  That place is within.  And once you make the sacred journey, traversing the corridors of your inner being, you will smile, without thinking, because you have found what you have been seeking.  Do not hold the fabric of the material world so precious that you forget the eternal treasure, within.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

           You are first, spirit, taking on a robe of flesh, for a while.  Your human being state is temporary.  To elevate your earthly journey, see it as such.  Your spirit has a mission, upon Earth.  Use your physical body, and other material aspects of your present to aid your spirit as you make the earthly journey.  See yourself as spirit, first, and the way you see everything, upon Earth, will alter, change, as you will see it as one, come from God, sacred in its form, sacred in its being.