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December 23, 2022



      The more time you take, to set yourself aside, to be still, and quiet, and sit, with Me, the closer you will come to understanding My ways.  For, My ways are meant to be your ways, as they always have been.  Right now, they are covered up, to a degree, by the ways of the world, that have enfolded thee.  But as you make the time to sit with Me, you remember, and My strength becomes your strength, My will becomes your will, My power becomes your power.  All that I AM, you are.  And when we sit, together, you remember.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       You grow stronger, and wiser, the more you take the time to be still, and quiet, and listen.  Without asking questions, listen.  You will know, the ways of God, if you listen.  You do not have to tell God your problems.  God knows.  So, listen, and see, because The Way will be made clear for you, when you sit quietly, and listen, for The Wisdom of God to enfold you in its power, courage, strength, and glory.