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December 25, 2023


          There will come a time when you know you are to reach beyond that which is the ordinary to breathe in the glory of the divine.  Do not let that time slip away.  Embrace it and all the grace and blessings enfolded in it.  For, no matter how brief it might be, it will be enough to transport thee to the place where you shall see and know.  There is no need to know all things, but that which you are destined to know, whilst you walk the Earth, you shall see, and you shall understand.  The time of revelation comes to each of thee.  But it is not forced upon thee.  You must choose to use that which I give unto thee at the moment of the giving, and let it be.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

           Do not be surprised that God longs to communicate with you.  You are far more precious than you know.  But if you accept the gift, turn your head from the world created by man, and leave the material, for a while, you will come to see and know your value in the light of revelation of God’s love for you and all God created.  In the light you will see.  In the light you will know exactly what you are meant to know, during your lifetime upon Earth.  So, let it be so.


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