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December 27, 2023


          Sit with Me and let us address the anger of the past, which you have not yet found the strength to forgive, and I will be the strength wherein you find you can forgive matters of long ago.  It is the very best to forgive.  Begin the process, even when you are not thoroughly invested in the act.  Once you begin, we will not cease until the pestilence of anger, which has invaded your body, is held within The Light of Love, My love for you, and your love, within your willingness to forgive.  As we sit, and forgiveness becomes a repetitive song, the tones and vibrations move through your body, spirit, and soul, carrying the energy of anger, away from you, on the wings of angels, until it is no more.  When you actively seek to forgive matters and issues from the past, which are filling you with disease, it will happen because you will it to be so. 

 And The Holy Spirit says:

           That which you cannot forgive, you are destined to relive.


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