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December 3, 2023



          Let us look, intently, to the beauty within you.  You are not merely the physical form you see in the mirror, or glance in a window, as you walk by.  You are of My Spirit.  You come from Me.  Right now, I love you so much, and reach for you so often, because you are of My Spirit, incarnate.  You are walking Earth as spirit, in physical form.  The issues which arise challenging you, as a human being, cannot take you down, not the real you.  So, from this day forward, look at each challenge, knowing you have the spiritual gifts to meet it, and rise up, better for the meeting.  Use your spiritual gifts to face each encounter with the confidence to know, if it has come to you, it is yours to do, and that you carry the gifts, within you, to do all you are meant to do, and move forward.  I love you.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

           It can be tempting to raise your hands in submission to the trial, stating, “I cannot do this.”  Yet, the truth is that whatever comes to you, you can do, because you carry all the answers, within you.  I was sent to you to make it so, to teach, comfort, guide, and lead you through all things of the world created by man, so you can rise above each issue by using the gifts given unto you by The Hand of God.