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December 30, 2023


          Wherever you find yourself, right now, is where you are.  You are experiencing the present piece of eternity, with you.  No matter gloom or joy, it is.  So, look, and see all that is around you.  You might be standing.  You might be sitting, or even reclined.  You might be comfortable, or not.  You might be sick or well.  Wherever you are is your place in the journey.  But as all things change and continue, all things move on, even you.  Embrace what you can from where you are and ask.  The Holy Spirit dwells within you to guide and counsel you, so ask, “What is it You wish for me to know, today?”.  And guidance shall be yours; comfort shall be yours; confidence shall be yours; strength shall be yours; because you shall know The Way and walk in it.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

           I AM within you.  Speak, and I shall whisper, and you shall know The Way.