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December 5, 2022



      All along your path, you will encounter challenges, attempts to move you, or sway you, to such a degree, that you find you are making quick judgments, you are condemning, through your actions, you are unloving, in your ways.  When you meet these roadblocks, it is important that you have, set in place, an objective, the intention of which is to keep yourself pure, and clean, and loving, with no animosity toward any of God’s Great Creation.  When you set a course to be kind, and to love all which God created, there will still be distractions, and challenges, to sway you.  But you will be prepared, to say, “no,” and walk on.  To act within this state of purpose requires that you do the work ahead.  When you run into the conflict, the challenges, it is not time to begin preparation, to set your intention.  The time to set your course is now, making the decisions, and incorporating them, within you: that you will do good, that you will live in The Light.  Because, My son, My daughter, you are The Light of the World.  Do not hide The Light, that is within you, under a bushel of judgment, and hatred, and greed.  Rid yourself of that basket, and shine.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       Once your heart is dedicated, once your thoughts are pure, it will be easier to meet the challenges.  But to reach this state takes preparation.  The challenges are coming, the roadblocks are set, some beyond, some above, some to the left, and some to the right, some circling beneath you.  Therefore, there is the possibility that you might encounter such.  Prepare now, so you are prepared to rise above that, which is set to bring you down, and continue your journey: in The Ways of Love; walking The Ways of God; living The Ways of God; bringing peace to all you meet.