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December 6, 2023



          Do not waste time feeling you are misunderstood, or that no one appreciates what you do.  How does the heart of the bird beat?  You do not know when you see it on the wing.  What you see is the bird doing what the bird does.  And in so doing that which it is meant to do, it somehow brings pleasure to you, just observing flight, or hearing its song.  From whence cometh the stream?  It is of no concern to you when you find such delight, as it splashes the bank and sings its own tune as it travels along.  The bird will fly and sing, even if it is not pleasing to you.  The stream will continue its journey, even if you care not from whence it came.  And it should be the same for thee.  Soar and sing.  Dance, and splash in the waters of Earth.  When you live, as you are meant to live, care not what others think of thee.  Dwell only in The Light held in The Love I send to thee.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

           Do not be limited by what the world thinks of you, or what it assigns you to do.  Rise up and soar into the realm of possibility that you are destined to be you.  And then, you shall rise in The Light, and soar in The Love of God, forevermore, no longer limited by that which is transitory, passing in its nature.  Live, because there is always more.