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January 10, 2023



      When you feel the stirring, within you, when you hear My calling you, be still, and be not afraid, for when I call, you are ready for the call.  And at that calling, we will go within, and we will talk, and you will understand, that which I AM asking you to do.  That which I ask, of each of you, is unique, to each of you.  It calls upon you to use The Gifts of Spirit, that you hold, within you.  Do not hesitate, thinking you are ill-prepared, because when I call, you are ready.  And when you answer, you will be filled with The Spirit, and you will go forth, and do that mission, that is yours to do, with My hand, and blessing, and grace, and mercy, over you, and within you, and around you, until your mission is through.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       There is no doubt, when there is a stirring, within you.  But it is possible, to push it aside.  There is no doubt when you hear God calling you.  But it is possible, to push it aside.  And as you push the stirrings, and the callings, aside, you busy yourself, and distract yourself, in the ways of the world.  But still, that stirring is present, and so is the calling.  You can deny it, for a while.  You can use your free will, and deny it, completely.  But the only one diminished, in such a decision, is you, because you have not had the glorious experience of doing that which you are meant to do, while you are walking, upon the Earth.  And this is true.  The calling moves you, into an experience of Heaven, and Earth, all at one time, using that of Heaven, to accomplish good, upon the Earth.  Be still, and quiet, and do not hesitate, when the calling is from, within you.