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January 3, 2023



      Realize the brevity of your lifetime, upon Earth, not with fear, or worry, but with a sense of urgency, that you have a set time, to accomplish your goal, your mission.  So, do not be distracted, by all that is swirling around you.  Realize, that you have your moment, and it is right now.  The time you are upon Earth, you are to make history, in eternity, by what you are doing, right now.  It is a specific time.  It is a limited time.  It is a sacred time.  It is a time of accomplishment and celebration.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       When you go to see a play, the play begins, and the play ends.  There is a middle.  But, the play, which you are watching, has an ending.  And, when the ending comes, the audience stands-up and applauds, and sometimes, cheers, because they have known laughter, they have known tears, from the play that has been set before them, so they can see, and know, and learn.  See your lifetime, upon Earth, in this way.  You are writing the script, for your lifetime play, upon the Earth.  Think on this because, there is an audience.  There are people around you, watching.  There are people interested in you, and all of the things that you go through, whether they are sad, or happy.  Sometimes, you do not feel so good.  Sometimes, you feel wonderful.  But it is all part, of the play of your lifetime, upon Earth.  And it is important, and it has value.  You are important, and you have value.  Write the script, for the play, of your lifetime, upon Earth, as if you understand the importance, and the value, of who you are, and what you are doing.