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July 1, 2023


          There will come those who try to dissuade you from the ways of your heart.  Turn, a deaf ear, and listen, to the whisper, from within.  That which is written upon your heart is the truth.  Within is the wellspring of wisdom from which you are to drink.  The waters of Earth can sate your thirst, but it will return.  When you thirst for truth go within.  Drink of the wisdom which waits there.  Once you drink, of the wisdom of truth, you will no longer thirst.  My living waters provide all you need, truth, and the wisdom, which is held within truth.  Listen to the still small voice within and you will always know The Way.  Tarry not at the doorway of doubt, go within.

And The Holy Spirit says:

           I whisper.  When you are still and quiet you can hear My whisper.  My whisper will not mislead.  It will guide you along The Way, and you shall grow in confidence as you make your way Home.