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July 13, 2023


          If you could see you, as I see you, you would recognize the shimmering spirit of eternity, which you are.  There are no boundaries you cannot breach.  There are no limitations you cannot reach beyond.  All boundaries and limitations live within your physical body, the brain, your thought.  Begin to see yourself as bigger than life upon Earth.  You have already reached your full potential.  It is within you.  You carry it within you.  You are eternally My son, My daughter.  Breathe in the air of Earth, and bring forth all you are, from within.  Live, eternal being.  Live.

And The Holy Spirit says:

           Embrace those thoughts of glory, which erupt from your thought, and bring them into being, from embrace, to living.  Show the world that which is carried, within your body.  Show the world your eternal spirit, which will not die.