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July 15, 2023



          Right now, the usual thing to do is to observe nature around you, to notice what is happening all around you.  Take observation, and noticing, a step beyond the usual.  Leave those occupations behind, and step into a mystical approach of being.  Feel the entire world, all you are observing, as it enfolds you, and holds you, gently embracing you, in such a way that you are within the hillside, the trees, the flowers, and grasses.  In doing so, your experience is no longer flat.  The enfolding has created a new aspect, wherein nothing is flat.  All is intertwined, moving, growing, creating a oneness in which you dwell, in which you are playing an active role, no longer observing, watching, but being.

And The Holy Spirit says:

           It can be a bit challenging, moving from the isolation of the solitary one.  But the reward is well worth the journey from isolation into oneness with all creation.  In taking this step forward, you remember the wisdom of the one, in which you dwell, The Brotherhood, The Sisterhood, of Oneness.