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July 25, 2022



      The decision, which seems so right, while cocooned, confined, within your thoughts, does not always fly, effortlessly, when released in the light of day.  Before you make a decision, using the information you have, or think you have, sit with Me, and a way, to the right decision, the perfect decision, will be revealed, to you, in stillness, and quiet, in wisdom.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Whenever there is a question, a doubt, an issue, or problem to be solved, and resolved, do not take a step forward, based on the information you hold, for you might not hold all the information necessary to make a good decision, the best decision.  Sit quietly, in prayer, and in the stillness, there with you, The Way will be revealed.  And, as it comes from the wisdom of God, it will be the perfect way to resolution.