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July 25, 2023



          When you can stand, accepting that which comes to you, and see it as a blessing, you are an enlightened being, for you see all things in the light.  Even those things others might label as bad luck, great challenges, or quite terrible to bear, can be bathed in the light of truth, can be cleansed in the light of reality, can be blessed, and labeled as lessons, leading The Way to Wisdom.  Throughout your lifetime upon Earth, you will encounter days of sunshine, plenty, gifts, and great joy.  You will also encounter days of storms, lack, insults, and great sadness.  Can you see each as a blessing?  When you learn, in both times, the lessons of your lifetime, will pass with you into eternity, as energies.  And what you could not accept as lessons of wisdom, at one time, you will value, once you pass back through the veil.  But there is no need to wait until the great transition to gain this wisdom.  It is possible to know now.  In doing so you will see the great value in all that comes to you.  Accept each day and ask The Way you are to go.  Surrender to The Divine Flow, and you will know The Ways of Wisdom.

And The Holy Spirit says:

           Prepare for the day set before you, surrendering to The Divine Flow, letting preconceived notions go, clinging only to The Ways of Wisdom.


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