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May 14, 2024


          Do not shroud the present, or dim the future, by holding on to remnants of anger or regret from the past.  You will recognize the clouds and turbulence of issues left unresolved in your feelings when something or someone comes into your thoughts.  Your thoughts are telling you, leaving clues of the residue remaining on your heart.  Trust what you are saying to you.  The only resolution is forgiveness, but while you procrastinate, feeling you are not ready to forgive, the dark cloud stays with you, diminishing the light within you and all around you.  Forgiveness is a journey into compassion, ending within the energy of understanding from a different perspective.  To begin the journey, which will lead you into wisdom rather than knowledge, will take determination to stay the course.  Every day whisper the words, “I forgive.”  At first you will not mean it entirely, but your heart and soul will recognize the path you have chosen, and day by day the words will hold more meaning until, at last, you speak the truth.  “I forgive.”

 And The Holy Spirit says:

           Do not give way to ego’s demand that you hold on to past slights, rejections, or wounds.  It is time to heal and return to the light of the present piece of eternity with you.  Follow the path of forgiveness.  Welcome back to The Light.


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