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November 21, 2021



“I AM with you.  We have much to do together, so let us begin.  Now is your time, and you are not alone, we walk together.  As you are in the garden of Earth, I AM with you, from the time of your birth, until you answer the call to come Home.  This is today, let us live it, together.                         

“Now is your time.  You are upon Earth for a reason, and that reason is not to be fearful, or hesitant, or worried, about anything.  Your lifetime is meant to be an exciting Earth experience.  And it can be an experience of Earth and Heaven, at the same time.  Use all, The Gifts of The Holy Spirit, you have been given, and live.  Live each moment.  Live with enthusiasm, embracing your time, your journey.

“Now is not the time to waver, or falter.  You have an allotted amount of time to reach the goal, and doing so will create your great adventure, marking each step, marking each word.  Take that, which you have been given, and live the life, that is yours to live.  Be thankful for all that is with you.  Be grateful as you ascend the staircase that is set before you.  Do not delay, for each step holds another gift.  And when you reach the top, and look back down on all you did, you will sing, and your song will be a glorious story, celebrating your life upon Earth.

“Bring Heaven onto the Earth in all you think, and do, and say.  Let thanksgiving be with you every, single day.  Do not wait for one day to celebrate thanksgiving.  Make thanksgiving a way of living, and do so, today.”