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October 25, 2023


          If I speak to you and say, “Go right,” and all those around you turn to the left, do not be tempted, go right.  Do not scream, cajole, or raise your voice to a shout, attempting to bring others to your path.  Go as I lead you, and you will walk in peace.  Along The Way others will step onto the path you trod.  Nod, and keep walking.  You will learn there is no need to scream-out, as others stream onto the path.  Each one will go, as they are led.  Listen, and you will know which is the path for you.  I AM speaking and hold the answers you are seeking.  Here, take My hand.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

                    I was sent to dwell within you, so you might have the answers, and know The Way.  Do not turn away.  Be still, and listen to the words I say, as they are for you, from within you.  Be still, and listen, and you will hear.