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September 16, 2023



          Sometimes, when you are riding down a street, or walking down a street, you notice a house.  The house does not have to be grand, at all.  What you notice, in this particular house, is the front yard, the entrance.  And there is something appealing, and compelling, about this house, which catches your attention.  The sidewalk meanders through the front yard, ending at a sidewalk, where you are standing, touching it, beckoning you to follow the path, to the door, the heart of the house.  And the plants and the trees, they say the same thing.  Their placement seems to be exact, perfect, drawing you nearer, swelling out, as if to have open arms to welcome any visitor.  And while you are tempted to follow the path, to the door of the house, you are reluctant because you have not met the owner of the house.  You do not know who lives in the house.  But there are some, even without the knowing, follow the path, to the door, and knock.  And once they knock the door is opened and they are welcomed in.  And the door shuts.  I AM The House.  I extend all My love to wherever you are standing.  The path, leading to Me, is there.  Push away the fear or the doubt, and follow the path, and knock.  And the door will be opened.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

           Sometimes, in everyday encounters, if you stop and wait, you will find a lesson in that encounter.  And often, if taken farther, that encounter will lead you to God.  But it takes time.  You must not hurry.  When you feel compelled to stop and look, that is your sign.  Stop, and look.  Do not look with your eyes, your physical eyes, the eyes in your body.  Go deeper, and see, with the eyes of your soul, and you might find that you are called to step on the path, to follow the path, which will lead you, Home.