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October 5, 2023


          Remember.  Recall the powerful being you are, as that is how I created thee.  You were not created to be anything but strong, courageous, and powerful.  Do not surrender your strength.  Do not forsake your courage.  Do not abandon your power.  Perhaps the ways of the world have tricked you into believing you are weak, faint of heart, or impotent in the face of evil, or the threat of manipulation and control.  If the sun is rising, let it fall upon you as a spotlight.  If the rain is falling, let it wash you free of any negative debris.  Rise-up and be free.  Be all you were created to be.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

           Do not fear.  I will counsel you, from within.  I will bring you comfort.  As you hear Me, as you feel the stirring from within, it will begin, again.  You will rise, and the freedom of The Light will be yours.  You will hold truth in the palm of your hand and illuminate all around you.  Rise-up and be free.