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October 4, 2023


          It can be difficult to set aside time, every day, to meet with Me, in the garden of Earth, because so much is happening, in your life, tempting you from the garden, tempting you from the practice of sitting with Me.  Do not be surprised if I speak unto thee and say, all that is happening will melt away, leaving you with nothing, but to meet with Me.  All things can wait, as they will unfold on their own anyway.  When setting the course of your day let the course include meeting with Me, first, and then together we will part the veil, and I will show you a course which you could not have imagined, before you met with Me.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

           In the present moment, in which you dwell, all is constantly changing, but still remaining eternally the present moment, you will find all you need.  The present piece of eternity with you is all that is, now, and forevermore.