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April 12, 2023


     Oh yes, I hear your prayers, some coming on the wings of night, holding tears.  Some of your prayers meet Me, carried on the rays of the sun, holding laughter.  Some of your prayers find Me, there with you, in celebration of the life I have given unto you.  And, it is in these times, when we are held in the sanctity of your prayers, you know we are one.  You remember, in our sweet communion, that we have known each other before, before you went to experience Earth, before your eternal birth, because first you were held, within My thought, and it was within My love that I created you.  Remember Me now, as you do that, which you are destined to do.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       And so it is, and so it shall always be, that God’s love for you lives eternally, as do you.  It is the love of God which gives you life.  It is The Spirit of God, which animates your physical body.  And it is within, where you find Me, for I AM The Holy Spirit of God, dwelling within to counsel, and guide, thee.  Be still, and feel the wonder of the holy coming together, within thee.