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April 13, 2022




      Imagine you are standing on a cliff, overlooking a vast ocean, sun shining, above you, in a blue sky, a pasture, behind you.  And you look up, and see a dolphin, playing amongst puffy, white clouds, as if he is in the ocean.  And you look-out, over the ocean, and see a very large elephant, playing, in the water, diving deep, rising-up.  You turn around, and you see, and eagle, standing, on the ground, regal, in its form.  When you look back around, the dolphin, is no longer, playing in the clouds, the elephant, is no longer, splashing, in the ocean, and the eagle, has returned, to the sky.  Be, who you are, no matter where you might find yourself.  Be, who you are.  It does not matter, if you are in a comfortable, familiar place, or in a strange land, be, who you are.  It does not matter, if you are amongst your family, or friend, or those you have no idea, who they are, what they do, or even of the language they speak.  Be, who you are.  And be, playful, about it.  Celebrate, who you are, because uniquely a child of God, My child.  So, let us celebrate, who you are, today.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       There is always the temptation to fit in.  No matter where you go, you attempt to blend into the flow, because it seems the way to do it.  But by doing this, you are denying who you are.  You can fit into the flow, being who you are, with respect, for that around you, you can show, who you are.  When you come together, let the union be joyful, with each one, showing, who they are, in the manner of their hair, or the cut of their clothing, or the way they walk, or talk, and speak.  And let there be respect, for the uniqueness, of who you are, each one of you, carrying the gift of compassion, and love, as you celebrate.  Today, celebrate, who you are.