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April 12, 2022



      My Spirit, has been poured-out, upon each of you.  And, in the pouring, the gifts come forth; and the gifts are many.  The gifts hold wisdom, and knowledge, miracles of healing, many more.  There are many gifts, but the many gifts come from the one Spirit, that has been poured-out on each of you.  So, do not cast from you, the sons, and daughters, who have received the gift of prophecy, for their numbers are many, and growing.  Do not send away from you, the brothers, and sisters, who dream dreams, and see visions.  Their numbers are growing.  Do not cast from you those, who are willing, to use the gifts of Spirit, which have been given to each of you.  For: in giving them room to speak of dreams, and visions, to speak of miracles, to speak of wisdom, and knowledge; when you allow such things, you give yourself permission, to use the gifts, you have been given.  Encourage, your brothers, and sisters, to see, to hear, to know, to dream.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       For most of you, your gifts lay dormant, unused, because it is not the current ‘thing’ to encourage brothers, and sisters, to use the gifts of The Holy Spirit they carry.  You turn your head.  You say, “That is strange.”  “How can you do that?”  “How do you know who is speaking to you?”  And, on, and on: skepticism, denial, judgment.  When one, who is holy, prays, and knows The Ways of God, they can discern the spirit speaking, just as you know the voice of your mother, your children, your husband, your friends.  You know The Voice of God.  You know My Whisper.  You know The Calling.  Do not let fear stifle The Calling, to use your gifts.  Use the gifts, you have been given, and do so eagerly, and joyfully.  Because, when there stands one, speaking of miracles, there will rise-up two, or three, more.  And you will open the door, to the new time, when the sons, and daughters, of Earth, live The Ways of God.